Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Knocked About

Rough week with the accumulation of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and side effects. Knocked about by this combination has left production of the blog lacking. Had to go to the ER last night for pain management. The ambulance ride itself was quite an ordeal. Kinda like being jarred and bumped around inside a carnival ride, only you don't feel all that well. It's amazing to see how completely impersonal medicine and the whole healthcare system has become. Coming from a small town, somewhat idyllic time when doctors made house calls and genuinely cared about how you were doing. Today, with medicine as big business and 'systemized', there are only a few nurses med techs can doctors who exhibit what caring used to be. Okay, I'm whining.

Just something about taking that physical pain threshold of '10' and enduring it longer that you think possible is capable of re-wring the noodle. The nurses and doctors ask 'What is your pain level on scale of 1-10?' (1 being the easiest, 10 the worst). It's a way of managing the pain level and getting you recovered. In this case, being at level 10 for long enough cause the body to shut down, there's just moaning. No real thought happens, nothing spiritual, just the physical organism's way of preserving vital function as long as possible until there is relief. Whew.

A good chance of completing the next Psiplex LifeSeries in the next week. This once consists of some original quotes and life introspection. It will be posted to YouTube & ISSSU. Will put the word out here & twitter. One Love

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time Exists Only for the Mind


Time exists solely for the mind. Time exists only for the mind. The mind aligns with time. Got time, out of time, in time, through time – all objective concepts. 
The consciousness, the Atman, Brahman, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness or what you wish to refer to as your innermost nature is changeless and out of time. The mind, as a tool of logic needs to be able to apprehend space and time for positioning purposes, orienting one to the clocks and patterns and geography of one's surroundings. For this purpose and the purpose of calculating things, the mind is a wonderful tool. Not so much for matters of timelessness, consciousness and awareness of the True Self. 

To know who you are, it is said, it is best to find out who you are not. The person with all the conditioning and role playing is not you. Get that straight now. You are not your mind, your body, your name or your SS#. Who are you? Good question! There is no ready-made textbook answer, rather it is a jump off question of self discovery. You are aware that you are alive and aware that you are, well, aware. Something else also can be sensed that is aware. What is this? You can be aware that you have a conscious sense of what is arising and yet, there is the sense of an 'other' being aware that YOU are aware. By going deeper into this seeing, you will discover what you are. What are you? A human being? An object? An android? Look and see. This time, we will take a look at two highly respected writers, teachers and travelers who have direct knowledge and experience.
are two wonderful beings highly regarded by myself and others. Let's hear what they have to say below.

Fellow Blogger & India Traveler
has a clear definition of who the 'I Am' is.


Self (I Am)
pure undifferentiated consciousness prior to individuality
self (I am)
- the individual ego-identity

The feeling-sense of 'I' or 'I am'
- pertaining to the 'I'-thought at the core of the ego

the True 'I' or 'I Am'
- the Higher Self beyond thoughts or feelings

- the approach of focusing attention on the feeling-sense of 'I' or 'I am' such that thoughts drop off and the True 'I' or 'I Am' is revealed

Pure Awareness, Pure Consciousness, Pure Being
- synonyms for the Self

- the three essential, inherent and inseparable qualities of the Self, namely, Existence
-Consciousness-Bliss or Being-Awareness-Peace
Embodied Beingness
- my own term used to refer to feeling very present, very still and very centered in the body which I was confusing with the feeling-sense of 'I' and/or Pure Being.

Chicago teacher, writer and all around excellent dude
Kevin Edwards
has a brilliant aticle and this is an
from “
” from the Blog 'Enter The New'
© 2009 Prakash

The belief, I am me or I am set apart is what prevents coming home, or liberation. Liberation is liberation from this belief in I. It is the flip-side of faith. Liberation is freedom from ignorance. Faith is holding to the truth of God. It is the same thing. The only difference is that the ego, owing to a perceived separate identity, can do nothing but objectify. As a result, Truth, God, Love, Reality etc. become separate objects or concepts, setting the Infinite apart from Itself. This is the delusion. The main point is that without this belief, "I am me," Without this belief "I am finite," without excluding anything from Wholeness, when you have lost your life in order to save it, the truth of Oneness is no longer overshadowed. What is hidden since the foundation of the world, what is hidden from the knowledgeable is finally revealed.

Everything is God, not knowing it. There are no separate individuals. "The One became two. Two became three, and three became ten thousand things." Since this apparent separation has resulted, the shining Truth has been overshadowed by ignorance. What is called salvation consists in undoing this basic error. It is leading the ego out of bondage into the promised land, leading the soul from being lost to being saved.

Being lost is the very opposite of being saved. Whereas being saved is being saved from separation and ignorance, being lost is to continue in it. Continuing in ignorance is what creates enemies. There are no enemies. "Whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do to me." In other words, the mystical body of Christ is Christ, and Christ is God. How you treat "others" is how you treat God, because God is all there is, including what you call “you.” All that is happening is that God is making the journey home. Another way of saying this is everything is being redeemed or saved from separation.

In truth, nothing is actually separate. Holiness is anything but being “set apart.” That’s "the dream." The ego actually has it's being in God. Put another way, the ego is God. The ego isn't an ego at all. Nothing here is apart from anything else: not the body, not the mind, not the self, not others, not the world, nothing. There are no borders or boundaries, no inside or outside, no difference or distinction and no others. There is just one eternal reality. The relative is only the absolute in time. Read more at
. Kevin holds a Masters degree in Sacred Theology from the Angelicum in Rome and is a gifted writer, who uses prose and parables to awaken. No stranger to other cultures, Kevin has enlightened audiences in Rome, in the US and in India where he received the name
which means light. You can contact Prakash through his e-mail address at:

One Love Prakash!

Cancer Resources

Assistance tips




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One Love

Monday, March 30, 2009

Can You See the Real Me?


Can you see the real me ? Can ya? can ya?
had a hit with this song many years ago It was a monster and underscores the propensity for the ego to be confused yet needing to be recognized and accepted. The ego always tries to manipulate its surroundings and others to get to a place where eventually, it isn't happy anyway.

One Thing to Ponder

If you are criticizing someone or wishing them failure, you are digging a pit for them. You may as well recognize that you are digging one for yourself. Just the suction of the negativity will cause you to fall into your own pit. Operate in love and all works out. Operate in fear and nothing works out. True dat.

Wanted to pass along that there is a new Psiplex artwork piece published in Platform 58 for April '09. The piece is titled "
" coinciding with the Platform 58 subject matter. "
" Appears on page 6. There are a lot of awesome submittals in this issue to check out. Would like to get your Tweets on any subject when you get time and opportunity @psiplex

iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers from Psiplex

Free to download and use.


the Psiplex iPhone or iPod Touch 320 x 480 PNG file wallpapers. Use it as a reminder to stay connected and creative! The Mystic Tree wallpaper features the @psiplex Twitter name so you can tweet about your next creative project with the Psi guy. The Digital blue wallpaper has official Psiplex logo and URL.

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This snippet is from the forthcoming poem called 'Terms of Surrender' from Psiplex Phrase #9 to be published on ISSUU around the 1st of April, may be up there before that.
"25 ways to be as it is, no me struggling A past that is passed is just storage space"
You can check the Phase series as well as other creative writing chunks on ISSUU at the


One of Atlanta's foundational record stores, promotional vehicles and all around good guys
was damn close to being all things to all people. The inimitable Mr. Woo, a founding father there is a true gentleman, entrepreneur and a reservoir of dynamism. Like a digital chameleon, Chuck is ever evolving and has had a big impact on how I came to understand how Atlanta's music industry and the interwebz work. Earwax Records brought a lot of previously unknown artists to the national forefront. I only hope the good folks there at EW could be compensated fro their promotional efforts by some of the artists who are now headliners. They certainly deserve it. For now, check out the
page to get the latest news. Rock on EARWAX! Big respect, light and love!

Has some incredible insight and teachings on the True Self, our path and purpose and finding out about who you really are. Diggin' it.

Abstract Thoughts

Imprinted on my mind every minute

“Really happy people are not pursuing happiness”


One Love

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cancer is Selfish


Here's why- this brief pathetic rundown of a typical day:

Appointment for MRI spinal scan and bloodwork, call health care system to deliver next month's tube feeding supplies before they run out. Call to see if the results came back from the testing place and to see if Doctor X's MA had received them. Run to bathroom. Call pharmacy to see if prescriptions have been called in , price and pickup time. Call for a ride to go to pharmacy and pick up medical records to go to Oncologist.

Flush PEG Tube and take steroid to prevent inflammation. Run to bathroom. Time for pain medication and anti-nausea. Call advocate and let him know how this week is going. Fatigue? Nausea? Anemic? Swollen ankles and knees make it hard to get a walk in. Low blood pressure. High blood pressure. Hangin' in there- talk to you next week. Schedule physical therapy for next week. Google calendar updates. Check E-mail for responses. Search for side effects of erbitux. Run to bathroom. Do I have time to go outside and play with you my beautiful godson? Not today, feeling tired,let's see if tomorrow works out better. Call back from chemotherapy infusion- all set for next week-schedule changed. Run to bathroom.

Cancer is selfish. There is rarely a minute that passes that does not include an 'I' thought about preparing, medicating or following up on the treatment for cancer in the course of a day. Hey, it's different for everybody, even those diagnosed with the exact same type of cancer- each one reacts based on their own genetics and physiology. The whole practice is so 'me' oriented that it is embarrassing. Not keeping up means more suffering for those around you who love you and the shell being wracked with this disgusting disease. 

Telling you this only to frame the absolute gratefulness and love I have for those who sacrifice daily to care for me. They stand in relief from the background of a 'me' oriented world as they are the foundation and resource of life on an hourly basis. Having family and friends who love and care for you is one of the most important weapons in battling cancer. I cannot express enough love and gratitude for my lovely life partner and best friend D whose beautiful strength and patience has made me appreciate her in new ways. To my brothers from other mothers who carry the day and my skinny ass from place to place and to the fam who rocks all the support one could wish for. The understanding provided by my 'home team' is the reason you are reading this today. So today, is a quiet battle to rest from all the chemo, blood work, MRI scans, shuttling to and from the hospital and med tech centers and to appreciate others. Good not to forget myself for awhile and take joy in the warm human kindness of those who have love and compassion in their souls.

Cancer Resource Links to Check Out

The Psiplex Platform 58 photo slideshow - Staying creative!

Kick Rocks!

One Love

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Master of the Unexceptional


Being master of the unexceptional has its advantages. Yes, being regular, pedestrian, run-of-the-mill and completely average has become rather refreshing in the current state of a national epidemic of 'roided out' everything. The insignificant, prosaic normalcy of being utterly unnoteworthy is kind of fun, actually. Are you okay with being unexceptional? Are you okay with being a person in the crowd that no one is particularly drawn to? Are you okay with your averageness? It's good to be nearly invisible once in a while! From our earliest conditioning we are taught to stand out, be proud and be a leader. Come to find out, it's overrated and requires lots of Tylenol (or worse) later in the career to keep the myth afloat. Learning to let go of the conditioned response to be exceptional is liberating. Like my bud, Pyut the Ironman, doing less is what it is all about.

Always having to attain something above and beyond what is perceived to be your competitor or even your contemporary is bogus. Getting rid of your limited self concepts allows you to see your pre-conditioned true Self — who you were before you adopted the role of 'me'. The true essence of who you are, your natural self is enough. The very singleness that makes you who you are should be celebrated, then you can go back to bed and get some rest. Attending one less meeting, one less fake holiday office party, one less social function will pay back dividends. Just the pressure relief of not having to play along with a perceived notion of who you think people think you are is refreshing. Spending extra time in the pajamas and fuzzy slippers non-competing with the world gives back life. Staging a revolution of non-resistance in your most comfortable jeans and (Psiplex) Tee-shirt will make being unexceptional completely rule. 

W00t yourself happy by shucking a tux, not washing the car for another week, skipping a haircut, putting off yard work and not Twittering could buy you extra time in front of that coffee and apple pie. Then, you can relax enough to perhaps let the muse have you for a bit to write, create some music, play with the cat or alpaca, sling some poetry or tell someone you love them and head back to bed. Appreciate who you truly are without the role you play and realize you don't have to fake being exceptional on the outside, because you already are that on the inside! Eckhart Tolle had some good points that I want to share with you:

Don't be defined by the roles you play – relinquish the role when it is not required anymore
You are the space of consciousness of whatever happens in your life
Know who you are will set you free (stillness) Only the truth of who you are if realized will set you free.
All structures and forms are unstable – a recognition of the impermanence of all forms makes the realization of timelessness.
You are the universe expressing yourself as a human for a little while
You are not your thoughts, you are the awareness that makes the thoughts possible. You are the awareness disguised as a person. Put your attention to the aliveness of the inner body and away from thinking. Focus on the stillness.

Check out an earlier post on being '
'. This post deals with not having to be connected to a false sense of who you are operating in the even larger artificial and bogus falsehood of social conditioning.

The 7
in the Psiplex Phrase Series is all about '
'. It is a step of self inquiry that asks 'Who Am I” beyond the role we take ourselves to be. Phrase #7 has original poetry, prose and a desire to connect with what you are going through on the daily. Phrase something over to me at
to see how you can become a part of the series. Would love to connect with creative sparks that deal with awareness, consciousness, the True Self, art, music and expressing the self through creative writing and being in the stream of life consciousness.

Playing for Change – World One Love
In celebration of Bob Marley's 64th birthday, watch the video of a new rendition of the Marley classic "
" as put together by the global musical and multimedia movement Playing for Change.

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Psi Linkage

Battling Cancer Health Update
Tests to determine pinched nerve in back or what is exactly causing back spasms. Chemo on Tuesday completely wiped me out. Felt like I was burning up and drying up at the same time while in a refrigerated box- freezing hot and totally weird. Combine that with nausea and diarrhea and you've go yourself some prime time misery. Comforting to know I am not this cancer and I am not this limited body or mind. This too, will pass. Staying creative playing with T-shirt designs helps. Got a spinal MRI on Thursday - 2
half on Monday more info about

Head and Neck Cancer Resource links to YouTube Vids and articles

“Metastatic Breast Cancer Needs More Public Attention”


PSA Screening May Lead to Overdiagnosis of

Quotes for Now
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

Kenji Miyazawa

One Love

Friday, March 13, 2009

10 Things You Should Know About Nobody


10 Things You Should Know about Nobody

. A Nobody has gone past the need for artificiality at the 'Self' level. The ego is dissolving, the mind moving into the heart.
. A nobody has gone beyond the need to care about being Nobody
. A Nobody has as much use for the ego as they do for a stock offer from Madoff
. A Nobody is more in tune with the real tune, nobody in particular, not suffering an idea about a 'self', a false conditioning.
. A Nobody requires no moral support from a moral majority, minority or enormity
. A Nobody genuinely cares for everybody as they are one connectedness
. A Nobody has found the balance of the universe, of cause and effect needing no-thing
. A Nobody is ever present in the eternal NOW, timeless and realizes that the changeless nature of
the Source is reality
. A Nobody's independence from the false identity embraced by others doesn't inhibit or prohibit their respect, love and connectedness to other beings
. A Nobody has no need of the past or future as NOW is the only time that is. A Nobody realizes that there is nothing to strive for to be a 'better me' as we are already THAT, no contention, no resistance, allowing peace to flow.

Forgiving yourself for the purpose of discovering yourself.

To not strive to produce an intent that does not honor awareness and 'I AM' as One, as True Self

Good quote and thoughts from
from his March 8 blog :

It Ain't Over 'till the Fat Lady Sings

"I think that whatever spiritual enlightenment is, then no teacher or teaching has a monopoly or exclusive franchise upon it. So each person who is putting themselves forth as a teacher no doubt has a degree of illumination and a degree of understanding which might, for a time, prove helpful and supportive to others in their own self-unfolding, recognizing that no-one can give or take away that which is the essential nature of us all. However there also seems to be manifold opportunities for degrees of self-delusion, limited understanding and different view points at every stage of the journey. So it would seem then to pay to never take ones own or others opinions too seriously, recognizing that ultimately, this play of Consciousness is a mystery which is beyond the human minds capacity to understand. We may have some helpful general concepts about it but in the actual living of it, it seems that we must let go of attachment to the conceptual mind altogether.

I have found in my own explorations, both here at Arunachala and before, that the various teachers and teachings all have something useful to offer and can all offer some light on what may be considered as aspects of truth and pathways towards that. Furthermore, depending upon their own degree of direct illumination and upon ones own receptivity, then a teacher can also act as a channel for the silent energy of Consciousness to catalyse ones own subjective experience of what is spoken of whether it is considered as a Divine Presence or as a Vast Silence. I like how Werner puts it; that there are no stages in Reality, but if one has a lasting experiential opening to a deeper appreciation and living of that Reality, then not to take it as something final (taking oneself to have become Enlightened) but rather as more like the ending of one chapter and the beginning of something new. That we do not get stuck in thinking that we have arrived, but that we continue to cultivate the deepening of our experience thereby always allowing the mystery to unfold and expand. That when the fixated identity of being a 'me' falls away then we are able to not take the whole story of this holographic magic show so seriously. That we can take this adventure here on earth playfully and fully enjoy our role as embodiments of unfolding Consciousness being made richer by the experience." Additionally, good article from Shiva112 on the

Cancer Links and Resources

Steps to take to
– from eHow

Take Care of Yourself During Chemotherapy

Step 1

Purchase over-the-counter medications for nausea, diarrhea, mouth pain and other side effects. Your doctor can recommend appropriate medications.
Step 2

Create a resting place. Invest in cozy sheets and pillows to make your sleep comfortable. Add a radio or CD player for soft, soothing music and a journal in which you can catalog your feelings and fears.
Step 3

Use low impact exercise, such as yoga or tai chi, to quell anxiety. Deep breathing exercises also can lower stress. Exercise releases endorphins that can raise your mood, and consistent exercise can increase your energy.
Step 4

Buy a selection of foods that are easy to eat, in case your appetite wanes or vanishes. Try sherbet, yogurt, instant breakfast drinks, protein shakes or fruit smoothies.
Step 5

Be aware that side effects may not vanish once your chemotherapy treatment ends. As you attend follow-up appointments with your doctor, explain which symptoms are lingering.

Know What to Avoid

Step 1

Keep away from anyone suffering from cold, flu or virus. Chemotherapy weakens your immune system, making you more vulnerable to illness.
Step 2

Stay away from people who are negative or drain your energy. Surround yourself with positive, upbeat friends. You also can lift your mood by putting your favorite art, trinkets, photos or other mementos in places where you will see them regularly.
Step 3

Do not overexert yourself. Recovering from chemotherapy demands energy, so get plenty of rest. If you find yourself too fatigued for calisthenics, aerobics or weight lifting, try range-of-motion exercises in bed or in a chair.


– you are a blessing and a representation of the universe's answer in my life
The Mayor and the Ambassador
– My brothers Fasil and Miron – I am counting on you!
Miles Davis
50th Anniversary on YouTube
Carol Cooper's Compass WebWorks

Mooji's Blogspot
– '

Battling Cancer Health Update

Trying to remedy swollen ankles, swollen knees that are affecting mobility. Not having a full lymphatic system really taxes the body, pulling fluids around the joints. Managing pain, nausea and diarrhea is full time while fighting fatigue that acts like a cheap hoodie. Elevating feet and trying to get more nutrition to combat the effects of accumulating chemo crud. Yeech. So far, hangin' in there with the Erbitux but it causes a rather nasty rash- like having 13 year old acne again, but all over. Spirits are good. That's why I'm always telling you that you have to stay creative in whatever complexity you are facing. Just let the roof off every once in a while and let the universe pour in some sparky creative vibes. Be open to change and know you are changeless.


Psiplex is a chunk of consciousness having fun in the creative impulse happily creating and sharing poetry, music and graphics while deepening in love, awareness, awakening and the true Self.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Psiplex Connect :30 promo

Connect With Psiplex - Stay Creative!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marching Along in Spring


Feelin' the Spring powering up baby! Soon it will be time to hum, buzz, swoop, dive and dance with the powerful forces of life that surges with Spring! Celebrating, giving thanks for and honoring life today in the present moment for all that is. Not having to fully understand every little piece of miracle that life is has been liberating. Enjoying the chance to just 'be'. Hope you are diggin' it too! Happy in being a nobody in particular and witnessing this gorgeous and hilarious play of existence. Seeing myself in all things and all beings without the false sense of separation. That's why I always say 'One Love' – we are all connected. The illusion of separateness is illusion.


Had the joy of getting an invitation from Chicago Author and Spiritual Teacher
about his new e-book called
. At the time of receiving this most welcome invitation, I had been meditating on the idea of our True Nature, the True Self which is not the role we take our selves to be, but the I-Self we find in stillness and the present moment.
This I-Self, which is the witness of consciousness is changeless, timeless and non-personal, connected to all life and is aware of all that arises in consciousness. The past few days has brought more of a focus into the True Self and the self inquiry, 'Who Am I? that leads to discovering what you are not. Since Prakash had sent the link to The Little Book of Silence, I was smiling at the synchronicity of the universe which allowed a more delightful study of and furtherance of the self inquiry. 

Prakash has eloquently stated that as we seek knowledge we are confirming and feeding the ego; knowledge and ego being the same. All this to the exclusion of Silence, the Source of direct knowledge and liberating experiential connection with the Absolute which we are seeking, but may not know it. Prakash has laid out the condition of our desire and striving for a better 'me' through knowledge in a clear and easily assimilated series of points that show how one's relation to their ego, their acquired conditioned knowledge directly impacts their life and relation to other aspects of their life.
Subsequently, our connection with Silence, of which all consciousness springs, the fathomless eternal Source, is examined in a series of pointers that lead to a powerful self inquiry for the reader. There is not a specific 'test answer' that is right, rather the act of examining one's relationship to Silence and their concept of their own knowledge can lead to finding out about the I-Self. 

As Prakash states on enterthenew site: 

Knowledge drawing from Silence and
Silence enveloping knowledge. 
This, my dear, is the play of the Cosmos.
Why then don't you play along 
and let "your" knowledge sink
back into its own infinite Source?

Download a copy of
' for yourself and explore of what you can find about your True Self.

Don't be a lost ball in tall weeds – check these notable links!

Young Brother
from Atlanta has new business that focuses on Salifu, the all Natural Liquid Black Soap manufactured and distributed from Ghana, Africa.1 866 998 SOAP (7627) - Call to place your order small or large -Reach us by email at liquidblacksoap@gmail.com - Let's speak soon!
The benefits of liquid black soap:
- Helps deep clean skin.

- Works on most skin types including rough and dry or sensitive skin

- Helps clear skin bumps and spots

- Helps relieve acne, oily skin & other skin problems.

- Great for removing makeup

- Works against premature facial lines and wrinkles
- Can be lathered and used as a shampoo.

Who Jasz would like to meet: People who love their skin, who want to protect and beautify their skin. Distributors, store owners, boutique owners, gift basket makers. Jasz is a straight-forward entrepreneur with a beautiful soul- make it a point to connect with him!

: On the Psiplex Follow blogs due to his extraordinary spirit, writing and wisdom shared.
This week Shiva 112 posted this beautiful poetry on five verses on self-enquiry:
ive verses on enquiry

who is enquiring?
I am
abide in the natural awareness of 'I am'
prior to 'I am this' or 'I am that'

don't let this enquiry be just in your head
get down into your gut
and feel the bodily presence of your own existence

use the silent enquiry 'who am I?'
to keep the mind subsiding in this abidance
and not running off in useless thought

if thoughts and emotions are crowding in
be with the breath and the sensations in the body
this too shall pass

just as the fan continues to turn for a time after the power is cut
this restless mind too will continue to turn for a time
this too shall pass

Big Respect to Shiva 112 - One Love!

Quote for this week:

Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. - Rumi

Thanks Ariel and

Compass WebWorks! 100
blog annivesary

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Psiplex is a chunk of consciousness having fun in the creative impulse happily creating and sharing poetry, music and graphics while deepening in love, awareness, awakening and the true Self.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mentally Restarted


Trying to have the mind figure out reality is like having trying to go back in time to your youth; both are impossible. The mind chatter that plays an endless loop of condemnation, fear, worthlessness while you are trying to make it through your day is not your friend. The mind is a fine tool for logical tasks like your house budget and grocery list, planning a vacation or your next purchase, but not so good for understanding your true Self, your timeless aware consciousness. This post looks at concepts that have no mind as there is no one here to have a mind about a concept :-)

After a length of time, the noise and confusion of the mind either leads one down a very limited and lousy path or it gives up and the real truth about who you really are without falseness. Sure, it's good to recharge the batteries, get away, treat yourself to a blow off day or a spa day, but you will eventually have to face your true purpose for being here at some point. The sooner the better. You can get mentally restarted by realizing that you are not your mind. You are not your body or the roles you take on to be taken as an individual in this world. You are not even an individual. My Zen and Advaita peeps-ya know it.

Shout Outs:
Shiva's blog from India :
Monday, March 2, 2009

Don Wilhelm
, author of
and a 4-time cancer survivor, shares his knowledge and experiences with cancer through this Website.

Blatant Self Promotion PDF available

If you are so inclined to spread some Psiplex love around your space, there is a brand new
available with links and psiplex goodness to pass along. Please e-mail or send a link to it, print it and pass it out for your buddy Psiplex. There's even a Photoshop picture of the mysterious Psiplex dude on the PDF!

While watching my 5-year old Godson getting his bubble bath, it struck me as a moment of clarity about our search for meaning. While he was searching for a toy amongst the billowing, fragrant white bubbles he began to wave away a section of the bubbles in front of him to see where the toy, his objective, might be. As he waved is arms, removing the bubbles and revealing the clear surface of the water, he was able to pluck the toy from the bottom and continue on playing. Too obvious? Yeah, but it bears mentioning. When we are able to clear away the temporary surface distractions from out lives, the bubbles, we can see through with clarity by sweeping away what obscures reality beneath the surface.

The true Self is waiting for that discovery to remember what it always is and was, the 'you' that is not defined by the limited roles played in our waking moments. The true Self is the awakened awareness in the present moment-pure consciousness joined to the universal consciousness and found by self inquiry through different methods. The one used in this sense is asking sincerely 'Who Am I? Who is this 'I'? Can this ''I” who is aware of itself notice that it is also being observed? By whom?
Inquiring into the sense of 'I Am' can bring an observation of clear awareness and reveal what it is you are not. The real nature in you is
. Providing this quote from one of the greats- you can read a poem about the 'Bidi Baba',
Sri Nasirgadatta Maharaj
called "
All Ever Is
More about his teachings
on Wikipedia.

"The very idea of going beyond the dream is illusory. Why go anywhere? Just realize that you are dreaming a dream you call the world, and stop looking for ways out. The dream is not your problem. Your problem is that you like one part of your dream and not another. Love all, or none of it, and stop complaining. When you have seen the dream as a dream, you have done all that need be done." "Your own self is your ultimate teacher. The outer teacher is merely a milestone. It is only your inner teacher that will walk with you to the goal, for he is the goal."

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

from A
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An act of goodness is of itself an act of happiness. No reward coming after the event can compare with the sweet reward that went with it.
- Maurice Maeterlinck

From Twitter: 'We accept the love we think we deserve.'

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Different Kind of Normal


Psiplex is a chunk of consciousness having fun in the creative impulse happily creating and sharing poetry, music and graphics while deepening in love, awareness, awakening and the true Self. This post explores the roles or non roles we often mistake for our 'self', our reality or the 'me' we take ourselves to be. In discovering our true nature which is love, there are amazing observations to make and a connectedness to the One. The universe comes out to meet you when you make the first move toward the universe :-)

One person in my life whom epitomizes the perfectly natural and sublime 'do less' philosophy, (in a good way) is Pyut. He has always been a friend to admire especially for that. In a kind of perpetual Zen Chill mode, my friend Pyut the Ironman, real name Doug, is a personal iconic figure for being able to do life with less. Not so much in a material sense, although that is the case, but with less baggage and self flagellation than most. Pyut is one of the kindest, gentlest souls in my world and continues to remind that the importance in life is having an agenda to achieve less, do less and be less. Just from example, not by preaching, Pyut has got Zen Chill on lock. A lot to be said for it and a lot less pressure to be in contention with some illusionary lifestyle. As a chef, musician an artist, Pyut has this way of inspiring without being in the way. He can just float a cool vibe and share it. Shout out Pyut!

A Different Kind of Normal
' available on the Psiplex ISSUU site
. A Different Kind of Normal' is the subject of Phrase #5 from Psiplex.com which explores the meaning of personal identification. Loosely related to this post , it is a quick read. There is only a very subjective viewpoint as to what is normal in terms of one's identity and the roles played each day. Who are you? Are you more than a bank account with a 98.6 temperature? Original poetry, prose and selected quotes delve into what it means to be your true Self.

Peeplz - Shouting Out around the World

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– hacking life with a dull blade

Some more humor from
on Youtube.
Hilarious look at enlightenment with this puppet guru. Master Puppetji speaks the truth as only he can. Reminding us all to laugh every day, and not take anything too seriously; see the funny side of life and "Enlighten Up".

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Featuring the best of all genres of electronic music. Check out the iTunes solipsistic NATION podcast, a weekly show or get it by subscribing to the solipsistic NATION feed. Creator Bazooka Joe energizes SN with artist interviews (from up and coming artists and labels to major league) carried by his love and passion for electronic music and its ever widening scope of influence. Bazooka Joe invites original electronic music artists to submit works that are played on the show. The iTune subscription to SN makes it easy and fun to get the latest. Big props to Bazooka Joe for his tireless efforts to raise our consciousness by bringing the best and brightest electronic music to our ears.

Battling Cancer Update

After renewed chemotherapy with Erbitux, the initial report is some of the tumors detected in the left lung have shrunk but one is stubbornly not shrinking. Something the oncologist is watching is spot on the liver which is new. So,keeping an eye on things in general. next-what to do about the hip joint and those nodules. Always something moving with cancer- have to be real alert and proactive.

LifeSeries #6 now on YouTube

The ongoing Psiplex
is now on YouTube as well as the Psiplex Vimeo
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– Both ISSUU and DocStoc offer PDF-like viewers containing no audio. Both are available to view, download, print and share via e-mail. No account necessary, signing up to both sites = free. The LifeSeries is a collection of favorite quotes from teachers and wise folks who share their pointings and teachings about the true self and the reality of being awake and conscious in the eternal preset moment. LifeSeries #6 is a continuation of Mooji's book “Before I Am' quotes that are most dear to Psiplex and the marvelous, soul-serving wisdom he has to share.

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