Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creative Writing, the Phrase Series

Psiplex has
s! Well, three new pieces of creative writing on
to be precise :-) Clicking the image will take you to the page.




Additionally, the Psiplex LifeSeries presentations that I create for the
are converted for ISSUU 'books' also. In the upload stage, there is an option to choose for adding audio which is nice. In preparing the iWork Keynote files for YouTube, I just export a PDF version to be used for the Psiplex
It makes for a tidy production flow and keeps all the fun intact by focusing on content rather than hoops to jump through.
Over the course of the last month or so, it has been a lot of fun to share with you some observations on life in the form of photos, prose and poetry. The Phrase series is an assemled ongoing collection of these observations that I hope you enjoy. The cool thing about using ISSUU is that the PDF files created can be uploaded and shared to view, print locally, embed in web pages and download. It looks like you are flipping through a book with a lot of options to zoom in, zoom out on images or text and to scroll through pages in an intuitive manner.

As for adding audio to your ISSUU document, you just have to have an audio clip, like an MP3 file on a server with the absolute URL ready to go. During upload, expand the media tab or go to my library, select one of your documents, and press edit. Expand the media tab and enter a url for the a playlist (m3u) or a single mp3. Press 'test' to verify and the save. You can see an example of a poem I created called '
with an MP3 instrumental added, just look for the little speaker icon to turn it on and off. This is useful if you want to add your voice to a document that better explains your content. You can also add video to documents in a similar manner.

Hope you get a chance to see what ISSUU can do for your projects, share your experiences here and make some comments. I am more than happy to share with you how I created these documents, exported as PDF files and uploaded and tagged the series. ISSUU has made it all very simple and quick.
There is a video on ISSUU that explains how to
and share your content with the world

Make some use of it and have fun!

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” - Steve Jobs

One Love

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Putting Positive in the World


Wanted to share some positive vibrations heading out into the universe. First off, there's the
that is simply cool.
This kind of positivity presented freely to the world is so important as it makes us realize that consciousness is working for our greater good. The Underground Art School
is a good place to get the vibe. A pleasant surprise to see this type of unicity. Don't need another 2009 calendar? This one, matey, you do. But...

PosiSoul ready for review!

Started a small series of intermittent and extemporaneous poetry/observations I call 'Phrase'. A short collection of poetry, prose and images used to share some vibes. You can view, download, print or save the new PDF release at the Psiplex ISSUU link:

Phrase Series Started

Between the knotholes on the plywood of life comes a collection of poem and prose that I call 'Phrase'.
. Photos are used to illustrate a phrase, a kind of still shot of life at various moments. '
Very Well Then'
is a collection of oddities that are random, candid and sometimes nothing completely at all. Phrase is a PDF document. You can download it by clicking on the image or view, download, print or E-mail it from the URL given here. The complete randomness and unarticulated meandering of
is exactly why it is presented. Some of life is just random and unarticulated, yet has a lasting impact. Phrase has no lasting impact. It is impacted and presented as a point, or, as my friend from New Orleans states “
a pernt
”. This is my
— the play of life cannot be other than what it is, random, beautiful, horrific and right now. This post is dedicated to anyone who has a scar. You know who you are- pernt taken.

Special thanks to the Mayor and the Ambassador

Two very special friends who go through travails with me-
Mr. Fasil
Mr. Miron
, part of the family like two brothers! Salute!

New favorite quote from Mooji: "All beings, graced with the urge to simply be, respond to Truth."

One Love

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hardware Synth Gear W00tList

Hardware Synth Gear

Previously, we looked at some personal favorite
that have a high W00t factor. This post explores a hardware synth and related gear wish list or W00tlist! These are personal faves and by no means comprehensive. Just a quick snapshot of gear to dream about and share with you. A long devotee of electronic music in all forms, Psiplex really enjoys the hardware (as well as soft synth) tweaking and twiddling to create truly enjoyable music pieces. There are new pieces coming out all the time at big shows like Winter and Summer NAMM, Musics Messe, etc. and 2009 looks promising! Until then, let's take a look at some of early 2009's Hardware Synth Gear W00tList favorites.

You can download the PDF file caled 'HdwrSynthGearWoot.pdf'' a 3.5 MB download, or view it at the
where you can view, download or e-mail to your crew.

Send along your gear wish list and share what inspires you in any pursuit of creativity.

One Love

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, Classic Sound of the TR-808


Wishing everyone love, light and discovery in the coming new year. Many thanks and big respect for all the good souls stopping by to visit, share and connect with the Psiplex blog. And so this is 2009, a perfect time to wish you all true happiness, true joy and peace in uncovering the path to your true self and your true purpose.

Wanted to share a sound clip based on the '
' post. This audio clip is a short sample of the venerable Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer. One of the
best discoveries on this musical journey was the distinct sound of the
in making beats in the studio and and gigging. The impact the
has had on the music industry is nothing short of amazing. Just to reacquaint yourself, click the play button to hear a short audio clip of the 808 sound. There are some added instruments, but you can hear the 808 beat and its pervasive sound that has been with us for nearly 30 years still a staple and still in demand. That boomin' 808 kick and unmistakable snare, tom, conga and hats are pure 808 goodness. From the 80's to Kanye and all points in between and through, the 808 has its place in music history.

Here is a

There is more in the 2009 W00t series to come. Next up will be a Hardware Synth Gear (Wish I had one of those!) feature and a Woot! feature on drum machines and workstations along with software DAW programs.

Hard to believe Psiplex is coming up on the first anniversary of the blog (begun February, 2008) to share ways to stay creative in complexity and it has been fun! Thank you all for making space in your schedules to drop by and participate.


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