Monday, January 12, 2009

Hardware Synth Gear W00tList

Hardware Synth Gear

Previously, we looked at some personal favorite
that have a high W00t factor. This post explores a hardware synth and related gear wish list or W00tlist! These are personal faves and by no means comprehensive. Just a quick snapshot of gear to dream about and share with you. A long devotee of electronic music in all forms, Psiplex really enjoys the hardware (as well as soft synth) tweaking and twiddling to create truly enjoyable music pieces. There are new pieces coming out all the time at big shows like Winter and Summer NAMM, Musics Messe, etc. and 2009 looks promising! Until then, let's take a look at some of early 2009's Hardware Synth Gear W00tList favorites.

You can download the PDF file caled 'HdwrSynthGearWoot.pdf'' a 3.5 MB download, or view it at the
where you can view, download or e-mail to your crew.

Send along your gear wish list and share what inspires you in any pursuit of creativity.

One Love

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  1. Great Wish Lists Psiplex!!
    I think the last red ones look the WOOT-ie-ist!! :o)



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