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What is
Comes out of nowhere arising from nothing into consciousness as a the bounty of creativity, the creative and universal spark. A compulsion that arises within the being to express the life force welling and spilling on to the medium of choice. This is to be freely given, given full voice and enjoyed as a non-personal sharing with all connectedness without a stamp of 'I did this', entitlement or ownership. It is the acknowledgment of life and Life's use of the being to pipe the inspiration to those able to receive it. It is a celebration that ends in sharing and giving what is the very best of the moments of inspiration. A burst like a sudden summer storm flashes across the consciousness and it is a mad dash for paper, pencil, computer or instrument that will allow the burst to be affixed to a tangible medium and spread out to all those for whom it was meant to encounter. It is a work of love and brings happiness and joy in the process of being connected with the experience.

I AM NOT artwork from Daily Keemo

The l
ink to Daily Keemo's blog featuring original artwork is a joy. Defying staid forms of trite pop art. The artist really has produced a strong sense of connectedness by drawing the viewer to meditate on the point. As always, Psiplex digs the self inquiry the artwork provides by asking 'Who Am I'? The most powerful path to finding and discovering who you are not. Really liking the approach Daily Keemo took with this artwork. Big respect!

Special Shout Out Link: Daily Keemo artwork '

Highly encourage all to check out more of Keemo's work and art at his web site,
. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how originality, creativity and a unique perspective on life can make you smile! 

Who is this Keemo Character?
Well, long story short... I have been painting for a long time and I mainly paint people. The people in my painting are usually based on real people that I may have ran into through the day or based upon people I know." My paintings currently reside in private collections in US, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, France, Brazil, Spain, China, Argentina, New Zealand, Denmark, Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, Portugal, Romania, Puerto Rico and South Korea.

to keep up with events and news.

Rock on with yer bad self Keemo!

Another Shout

Ariel Bravy's
web site
has some remarkable articles from this talented Atlanta, GA writer, teacher and author. If you want to find out more about your true Self with topics about awareness, enlightenment and consciousness, Ariel will never fail to turn you on. The YATL forum is a great place to share conversation and the posts are addictive and informative.
on What Does “Look Within” Mean? Where Is In? that explores realizing your true nature and the illusions we take to be reality. 'You Are Truly Loved' is a gem of a resource for folks looking to find answers about who they really are. Big up and respect to Ariel for his work on the site. Highly recommended!

Random Link

Realy liking the John Tejada tune on YouTube called
which is an electronica instrumental. Nice to listen to while doing something, like, writing a blog post :-) Just sayin'.

Battling Cancer Update

After renewed chemotherapy with Erbitux, the initial report from this week's CT scan reveals some progress. There is noticeable shrinkage of the tumors detected in the lungs and neck from December's scan. This means that chemotherapy can be continued and modified to shrink and or eradicate the tumors. The spread of cancer to the hip/back is going to be the next treatment battle. Will keep updates going throughout.

Poetry Oddity

For goodness sake! A new creative writing online PDF from Psiplex, the 4
in the 'Phrase' series,
, can be viewd online at the Psibase ISSUE page:
The online format allows reading, downloading or printing the doc along with zooming in and moving around n a book format-very cool! Emptiness is the topic of Phrase #4. It is really subjective and it may not be your cip of tea, however, it is worth visiting to see how you can get your own publications onto ISSUU and share your material and viewpoints with us. Please send an e-mail to show how you are using ISSUU and how that exerience works for you. You can e-mail direct at:
or Twitter: @psiplex Looks like the 5th in the series of Phrase creative writing journals is in the pipeline and should be ready later this week (February, 2009).



So important to put out some love and joy into the universe for all to sample and take home. What are you doing as a connected being to put out some love and joy for others? Let's build on it!

Whatever you are doing, volunteering, raising your family, creating art from your own 'Burstpiration' or just hanging out and enjoying life, send along some letters to add your light.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Universal Employment


Assigned a new job this month. The universe decreed that I should be me. Who is this me that I should be? A me that can just 'be'. No title, no authority, no personal goal or direction. Follow the universe and catch the breeze. Nothing to do but to be a Self, the one connected to the One, the one without the many and the noise. I am
, yo.

Requiring no executive regional management decision, quorum, panel reviews or corporate-blessed titles, this new position is the one I have always been looking for. As Mooji says' What you are looking for is where you are starting from'. Well, starting from my true Self, the nobody, I have arrived at the place of wonderment, my true Self, the nobody. Liberation!

Service area:
Reality and
he world I am connected to in Oneness.
None. On your own.
: Extremely casual and respectful of cats and other living things.
Grateful, thankful, respectful and loving. Heart open, flowing like water around contention.
Just be practical, don't be a tool.
Primary Duties
: Listening for the teaching, shutting up, staying still and quiet in the heart and receiver dish wide open to blessings flowing all around. Receive, pass blessings and love on, repeat.
No office, no cubicle, no fake good morning smiles for co-workers. No co-workers! No sense of a past or future, now is time to be, time is only what is NOW and it is what it is. What will come of it will be the job the universe has declared, decreed and seeded.
Today's journey
Observe, letting the play of life pass without judgement, without a mental construct or concept of what should be based on the body/mind's false identity of a 'me'. Main objective? To lose the 'me' of the mind, to mind the 'Self' that I am, to 'Self' be true and let it be, let it pass, and enjoy the emptiness of surrender.
Net Net
: It's all being done, so showing up is all that is needed, nothing to be done by a doer or thinker, planner or strategist. No BlinkedIn, FaceSpace buddies, Twittfreaks, FeedFarce, MeatSpace, FlakeFake followers, sycophants or saddhus. No office manager or supervisor in sight, thank you very much.
: Inner harmony, peace, wisdom, awareness, stillness, space and the obligation to give freely from what is received. To incorporate all blessing, prayers, wishes and goodwill sent this way and to return it in music, poetry, prose and images that may do the same for another. As Damian Marley says: “More love, more life, more solidarity”.

As long as we do not lose site that we are part of the connected Source, we will be alright. Remembering that the Source is dancing us, there is less pressure to prop up the role of one who is in hardship. The soul is not in hardship, our mental position of who we are,and what we 'should' be bringing home is impacted. Our changeless, impersonal self that is connected to all life will always be-perfect. Nothing to be done but surrender and accept what is. Good to be back to work as an employee of the universe.

What are your new job projections? Does the shitty downturn in the job market affect your job you are doing for the Universe?

Just be


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Would like to get artists and creative folks battling cancer to connect so I can write some articles about staying creative in complexity with cancer. How is creativity being used to make your life more meaningful?

Electronic Music on the iPhone

Remixing music the next wave in consuming music?
The app lets anyone with an iPhone, regardless of their level of experience, mix and
every song in the album. This is only the first step: The company plans to apply the same approach to several other electronica albums as well.

Exquisite writing on the nature of Truth

Here is a mind-opening sample:

Truth and the Work
The correct perspective from which you can do this work is always to be aware of whether you are interested in the truth of what is happening right now, or whether you are trying to achieve something. Are you doing the work now to acquire something, to arrive at a certain goal, or are you doing it because you love the truth? This is a shift in attitude that is needed for us to finally understand the hopelessness of the situation. You are caught and divided because you still have hope that things will be different. That hope creates desire, the desire creates rejection of what is there, the rejection of what is there creates division, the division creates conflict, the conflict creates suffering, the suffering then creates searching. The searching creates more rejection and more conflict and the cycle continues. (Diamond Heart Book 2, pg 72)

-- also --

One Love

Sunday, February 8, 2009

PinC Bubble


We are 'girlfriends helping girlfriends'. A 'girlfriend' is a professional in the hair, skin care or makeup industry with a giving heart and desire to be of service to others.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA
offers a WORLDWIDE PROGRAM dedicated to the inner and outer beauty of women undergoing chemotherapy and other types of treatment for cancer and chronic non-contagious diseases by offering personal, group and self help instruction on hair, skin care, makeup and personal appearance. In Addition,
is a COMMUNITY for WOMEN. Offering a Wig Shop, Store, (Set Your Own Pace) Travel Club, Speakers Bureau, Events Planner, Monthly Newsletter, and Featured Care Giver of the month. Advertisers and Sponsors enjoy the opportunity to reach and support a large number of women.

There has never been a time when services like those offered from PinC Bubble are needed. Director
Mimi Long
has some welcome advice about
Feeling good about You

What are some of the things we can do to achieve this and feel better?

Have a Positive Attitude - It's contagious and you become a magnet to others.

Do something Nice for someone else every day - "It is more blessed to give than receive." It works - try it!

Be Grateful for what you have - It can make a house a home; a meal a feast; an acquaintance a friend.

Remain Curious about everything - It keeps your brain active - have you ever noticed that the minute you are asked a question, your brain immediately starts working to find the answer?

Don't Miss Anything - attend everything that you can - it will keep you feeling young and alive!

and there is even a special charter membership price which can get you started quickly. Once your online form is completed, a Pinc Bubble representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Pinc Bubble can show you how to take care of your skin, enhance eyebrows, eyelashes, blemishes and head coverings. Pinc Bubble wants you to look and feel better. If you cannot come to a group or individual session, just follow our easy step-by-step tutorials. You can get started on the
to see the steps. It's a good thing!

Psiplex applauds Pinc Bubble for reaching out, educating and giving strength and support for cancer patients, survivors and their families. Well done!

Other Quick Cancer Resource Links

More coming next time...Here is one of my favortite GC quotes —

George Carlin Quote
: “Hooray for most things!”

One Love

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Around the Psiplexiverse


As February kicks off, wanted to share a few useful links online with the Psiplex mode of staying creative in complexity. In this battle with head and neck cancer, the author stresses the importance of staying in the fight and discovering your true Self, not the roles you play. A mix of serious and fun items for the week.

There will be a post dedicated to the good folks at
PinC Bubble
coming up later this month-please be on the lookout for it!

! of Winter NAMM Synthesizer gear. This slideshow on Flickr has even more great pics of upcoming gear releases as pointed to from the Psiplex
W00t! Check it out! The author's synthesizer gear lust knows no boundaries, as a teaser, here is a slideshow to fuel the fire of creativity!

Brand new Psiplex LifeSeries #4
out now on the
link. Also available as a PDF slideshow on the
link at:
LifeSeries #4 from Psiplex continues the quotations from the previous series, this time offering more from Mooji and his book '
". Also available on the
. LifeSeries #4 features a new instrumental electronic music track that will be available as a downloadable MP3 for 'plexin' around your own universe.

Special Shout out to my new friend and fellow fighter
Juan Palma
- Major Dude of the month! As boxing fans, we both get up for the bell to face each new round.
You never know what you are capable of unless you answer the bell, get up and fight.

“You can't learn to be fearless from anyone but yourself” – Psiplex

One Love


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