Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Around the Psiplexiverse


As February kicks off, wanted to share a few useful links online with the Psiplex mode of staying creative in complexity. In this battle with head and neck cancer, the author stresses the importance of staying in the fight and discovering your true Self, not the roles you play. A mix of serious and fun items for the week.

There will be a post dedicated to the good folks at
PinC Bubble
coming up later this month-please be on the lookout for it!

! of Winter NAMM Synthesizer gear. This slideshow on Flickr has even more great pics of upcoming gear releases as pointed to from the Psiplex
W00t! Check it out! The author's synthesizer gear lust knows no boundaries, as a teaser, here is a slideshow to fuel the fire of creativity!

Brand new Psiplex LifeSeries #4
out now on the
link. Also available as a PDF slideshow on the
link at:
LifeSeries #4 from Psiplex continues the quotations from the previous series, this time offering more from Mooji and his book '
". Also available on the
. LifeSeries #4 features a new instrumental electronic music track that will be available as a downloadable MP3 for 'plexin' around your own universe.

Special Shout out to my new friend and fellow fighter
Juan Palma
- Major Dude of the month! As boxing fans, we both get up for the bell to face each new round.
You never know what you are capable of unless you answer the bell, get up and fight.

“You can't learn to be fearless from anyone but yourself” – Psiplex

One Love


  1. “You can't learn to be fearless from anyone but yourself”
    I love that!
    I'm looking forward to your posts.
    Love, peace and happiness!

  2. I saw that you made a comment on Ariel's blog. You said something about cancer. I am soo sorry. I know what it is like to suffer through illness and create healing. My blog kinda shares my story and my healing process. I just wanted to share with you that I know alot of people that have healed and cured or stopped the forward growth of cancer eating raw foods...especially a low glcemex raw foods diet. A great flick to watch is called "Crazy Sexy Cancer." Even if the ideas don't jive with what feels appropriate with you it's one of the best flicks on healing I have ever seen and you may find yourself sobbing at the end.

    Wish you healing and soo much love! :)




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