Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Knocked About

Rough week with the accumulation of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and side effects. Knocked about by this combination has left production of the blog lacking. Had to go to the ER last night for pain management. The ambulance ride itself was quite an ordeal. Kinda like being jarred and bumped around inside a carnival ride, only you don't feel all that well. It's amazing to see how completely impersonal medicine and the whole healthcare system has become. Coming from a small town, somewhat idyllic time when doctors made house calls and genuinely cared about how you were doing. Today, with medicine as big business and 'systemized', there are only a few nurses med techs can doctors who exhibit what caring used to be. Okay, I'm whining.

Just something about taking that physical pain threshold of '10' and enduring it longer that you think possible is capable of re-wring the noodle. The nurses and doctors ask 'What is your pain level on scale of 1-10?' (1 being the easiest, 10 the worst). It's a way of managing the pain level and getting you recovered. In this case, being at level 10 for long enough cause the body to shut down, there's just moaning. No real thought happens, nothing spiritual, just the physical organism's way of preserving vital function as long as possible until there is relief. Whew.

A good chance of completing the next Psiplex LifeSeries in the next week. This once consists of some original quotes and life introspection. It will be posted to YouTube & ISSSU. Will put the word out here & twitter. One Love


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