Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Of First Cause and Origination

Fall Leaf

As this part of the Southeastern US dances into Autumn, morning walks reveal more of the majesty in the air and upon the earth. The spectacular changes in the sunlight based on the planet's gentle tilt makes this deeply invigorating time of year even more inspiring. As the earth's revolution around the sun dwindles the amount of chlorophyll in leaves, we are left with the majesty of color presented to us in nature. The wind sings a September song, the leaves fall to the ground.

The automatic changing of seasons and in particular, Autumn, needs no decree, law, administration or act of Congress to occur. There are no captains of men, leaders or enlightened beings granting authority or passage. There are no efforts by neighbors or countrymen to hasten or detain autumn's arrival. There are no advancements in discovery to retain it when it is time for winter's reign. The seasons, as part of nature's grand display of life before us are of first cause and origination. Autumn is beyond yet accessible to each of us, an equal blessing for great or small, rich or poor, man or beast. At a time when the factories of the trees are laying off their green work force and at a time of change, there is a burst of still beauty working that brings us back to a closer understanding of our nature.

Hopefully, this fall you will make the time to reacquaint yourself with the secrets of your youth, your life and your nature. A little introspection, inquiry and meditation on the magnificence of this incredible spectacle we call Autumn can bring more love, more life and more unity.

One Love

Monday, September 22, 2008

Clock Time

In a recent post on CNET's Crave, an article on
unveiling of a timepiece at Cambridge University provoked some contemplation about time and its impact on our lives. The brilliant theoretical physicist and cosmologist has given us a lot to ponder over the years with unforgettable works such as "
" and theorems about black holes and relativity. Hawking's unveiling of the
features the work of John C. Taylor and his uniquely composed device that is a reminder of ephemeral time. The face of the mechanical clock depicts time as a wave emanating from the center of the universe. Taylor's Corpus Clock is meant to inspire contemplation about relative time. It is a magnificent piece of art and craftsmanship which fulfills its duty most wonderfully. A response that arose after viewing the article is below, also included as a comment to the articles original posting:

There is no "time" but the present moment. The concept of time is mind-made and a wonderful swirl of hawking experiential awareness, however clock time is a biological orientation. Timelessness is what the being, of human being is rooted in. Timelessness is not somber, happy, or anything, it just is. One's choice to be somber is again, conceived in the mind or mind-made. It is a mental image we have of our 'self'. That, of course can be any emotion or thought based from what we choose to be aligned with in the present moment. The present moment is all we ever really have.
contains no self to be somber or otherwise. It is, however, a sense of aliveness and being-ness that we all have when we are born because we came from that. Seriousness and somberness are not what everyone seeks. Seeking joy, love, peace, stillness and awareness will bring a lot of answers about timelessness and time without a somber nature or a feeling of loss.

Recommend reading about Stephen Hawking as he is an amazing and inspiring man who has overcome the odds.

How do you view time in relation to our lives? How does clock time equate to timelessness in your life? Do you think you are actually your true chronological age?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Infections and Other Wonders


Since having the lymph nodes removed on the
The area is subject to infections. An article on the neck dissection, or, removal of lymph nodes can be
. The lymph nodes are used in the body to fight infections. Since the ones on the right side are on permanent vacation, infections seem to schwack the healthy ones on a regular basis. A general weakening since the head and neck cancer treatment is being dealt with on the daily. There is a general article on head and neck cancer found by

So far,the Amoxicillin (
Amoxicillin is used to treat many different types of infections, such as tonsillitis, pneumonia, ear infections, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, and infections of the skin.
) that was warding off the insurgent bugs has not been effective in fighting a new infection that has taken up residence in the former lymphnodeville. The new prescription is a really foul-tasting pill that is in the clindamyacin /generic Cleosin family of antibiotics. The swelling infection is slowly responding, so hope to be more active next week and get back to more creative pursuits.

The weather here in Atlanta has been conducive to bugs in that we are 'tween seasons. It is still very humid and warm with our 6 million residents generally applying their very own incarnations of bug juice to most public surfaces with aplomb. The race is on between bugz and anti-bugz. Looks like Cleo will have work cut out for it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Sense of Order


At times, there is a sense that we are out of step with life and seem to be unattached to anything but impermanence. The feeling of being out of sync with life going on all around is one many people have. Not such a bad thing as it can lead to some good self inquiry and may produce BS or truth that can be useful for sorting out.

Seems that the love and caring of another slows the world down and brings one back into the moment. Love does. The fact that one may have the love, concern and caring of another puts the wide world into a sense of order.

Had this poem about getting to this moment's treasure.

Arc one dream

to the work

and parallel destiny

to breath

One Love

Thursday, September 11, 2008



is an observation on the present where past and future are oriented in the ongoing play of the mind. The poem is below in the video- click to play. Send along your thoughts by clicking 'Comments' link below.

Closer from Psiplex on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 7, 2008



My story, a devotion to my entitlement. Cuzigo where I will. I will be more, feel more, want more, need more. Cuzigo faster, stronger, longer and where u won't. Cuzigo the distance of learning, experiencing, conquering, owning, bettering, always better, will be better. I have educated myself beyond average fools.

Cuzigo where I will n' you won't follow, can't keep up, so go into your corner, this my section-mine. MyLife, this complete understanding of past and future Cuzigo where my gut tells me. You? Really? Just watch and learn CuzIgo international and full throttle. Cuzigo past your weak-ass structures. I can hack your life. Pow! Pnwd! I can't be bothered Cuzigo to a spot where my promotion causes commotion. MyLife, MyLife, MyLife in the sunshine, Cuzigo to the top. Mastery, blasphemy and new rules, Pattern me? Cuzigo personal on you, cuz. I ain't finished, why you walkin' away? Don't judge me, fool.

Met a
on your journey? Work with one? Live next to one? Avoiding being one? What?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008



The poem that is '
' came about as 2 sections. The first 3 verse sets were almost instantaneous with the words laying in place without the need for an author. The last portion was after coming back to the piece amidst playtime with my beautiful 4 year old Godson. In other words, plenty loud!

is about moments and intentions which are thought objects in the dream of the mind. The 'me' is always trying to analyze and project moments and intentions through the mind. The
of our being acting from the present moment has no need of means that would separate us in the form of duality.

Click to view the clip. Send along your responses – all are welcome.

One Love

Half from Psiplex on Vimeo


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