Monday, September 22, 2008

Clock Time

In a recent post on CNET's Crave, an article on
unveiling of a timepiece at Cambridge University provoked some contemplation about time and its impact on our lives. The brilliant theoretical physicist and cosmologist has given us a lot to ponder over the years with unforgettable works such as "
" and theorems about black holes and relativity. Hawking's unveiling of the
features the work of John C. Taylor and his uniquely composed device that is a reminder of ephemeral time. The face of the mechanical clock depicts time as a wave emanating from the center of the universe. Taylor's Corpus Clock is meant to inspire contemplation about relative time. It is a magnificent piece of art and craftsmanship which fulfills its duty most wonderfully. A response that arose after viewing the article is below, also included as a comment to the articles original posting:

There is no "time" but the present moment. The concept of time is mind-made and a wonderful swirl of hawking experiential awareness, however clock time is a biological orientation. Timelessness is what the being, of human being is rooted in. Timelessness is not somber, happy, or anything, it just is. One's choice to be somber is again, conceived in the mind or mind-made. It is a mental image we have of our 'self'. That, of course can be any emotion or thought based from what we choose to be aligned with in the present moment. The present moment is all we ever really have.
contains no self to be somber or otherwise. It is, however, a sense of aliveness and being-ness that we all have when we are born because we came from that. Seriousness and somberness are not what everyone seeks. Seeking joy, love, peace, stillness and awareness will bring a lot of answers about timelessness and time without a somber nature or a feeling of loss.

Recommend reading about Stephen Hawking as he is an amazing and inspiring man who has overcome the odds.

How do you view time in relation to our lives? How does clock time equate to timelessness in your life? Do you think you are actually your true chronological age?

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  1. Incredible clock! Amazing design! Thank you for sharing the link. My thoughts: Time is not meant to be eaten,(as represented by the grasshopper)negative.
    Time should be absorbed, and we are the sponge. My experiences have aged me beyond the chronological, but that is a positive, as now I have so much more to share.

    Sending you smiles and sunshine Psiplex!



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