Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Of First Cause and Origination

Fall Leaf

As this part of the Southeastern US dances into Autumn, morning walks reveal more of the majesty in the air and upon the earth. The spectacular changes in the sunlight based on the planet's gentle tilt makes this deeply invigorating time of year even more inspiring. As the earth's revolution around the sun dwindles the amount of chlorophyll in leaves, we are left with the majesty of color presented to us in nature. The wind sings a September song, the leaves fall to the ground.

The automatic changing of seasons and in particular, Autumn, needs no decree, law, administration or act of Congress to occur. There are no captains of men, leaders or enlightened beings granting authority or passage. There are no efforts by neighbors or countrymen to hasten or detain autumn's arrival. There are no advancements in discovery to retain it when it is time for winter's reign. The seasons, as part of nature's grand display of life before us are of first cause and origination. Autumn is beyond yet accessible to each of us, an equal blessing for great or small, rich or poor, man or beast. At a time when the factories of the trees are laying off their green work force and at a time of change, there is a burst of still beauty working that brings us back to a closer understanding of our nature.

Hopefully, this fall you will make the time to reacquaint yourself with the secrets of your youth, your life and your nature. A little introspection, inquiry and meditation on the magnificence of this incredible spectacle we call Autumn can bring more love, more life and more unity.

One Love

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  1. Hi Psiplex, ooo yes, a wind song! I will paint it

    p.s. green tea, well it's all in the colour . . . smiling



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