Friday, October 3, 2008

A Feather of Fire


Chasing truth is like chasing the touch of a feather in the wind. You are aware of the feather but grasping it is not easy. The feather's presence lets you know something is there, like the truth of something in the back of your mind when you confront a decision. For example, you want to go into a business venture with a person your friend recommends, but in the back of your consciousness, you hear “Don't get near that.” That feather is tickling you. It's there, but it can blow away again if not grasped immediately letting you make a decision that may be an ugly one. The choice to accept and surrender to the truth is there as is the choice to go the opposite way and do what you desire.

The truth, connected to your higher intuition will not be false. It may be tough to accommodate in your life, but it will always be what it is. If the truth is acknowledged, the light feather touch responded to, allowed to settle, absorb and grow from inside, it becomes something else. Fire. The fire of the truth once emanating from you fully burns away all pretense from the moment and the situation. No need to get burned as you can simply not acknowledge or accept it. Operate from it and the fire arises. All this amazing life power from a single conscious acceptance. Like Bob Marley's album sublimely titled '
”, the truth will always ever be what it is, now and everlasting. Allowing it to be with you in the same place of life at the same time and it will elevate and liberate. Don't tie the outcome to a personal concept of the truth or resist what it brings as if to label good or bad. Observe it from some objective space and see what really is there.

One Love

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  1. Probably the coolest blog I have visited in some time. Thanks for droping in on me and my corner of the world. We are pretty close to each other geographically... I'm in MOntgomery... that's cool too.

    Peace -- jb



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