Monday, October 6, 2008

All Ever Is


Looking at Wikipedia from another site for a reference about an Indian guru-type guy who was a shopkeeper in Bombay, India. He sold
cigarettes (also spelled Beedi) which are hand rolled tobacco cigarettes in a leaf. He was like a regular family man and he had this unique experience where he saw he was one with the universe. Such a beautiful life/mystery lesson. I read more about him and through reading the poem came up. Just what I was feeling after reading stuff at the
Love it- In his photos, he has this piercing gaze, but apparently, he was full of love and wisdom. Photo of the bidi is courtesy of
- Many thanks!

Poem Alert!

All Ever Is

Bidi cigarettes from the small shop

in the alleyway

Old Bombay


The universe delivering

the unmanifested

to the all through

the little man, itself

upstairs in a room

over the small shop

up stairs to heaven

out within consciousness

Who is this ever?

Why, all ever is

Even from before, he speaks

I am That

_ _ _ _ _

One Love

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  1. Hello Psiplex ~ Thank you for your post at the and the link to your poem. I enjoyed your blog.

    Only This Love ~

    Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy



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