Sunday, September 7, 2008



My story, a devotion to my entitlement. Cuzigo where I will. I will be more, feel more, want more, need more. Cuzigo faster, stronger, longer and where u won't. Cuzigo the distance of learning, experiencing, conquering, owning, bettering, always better, will be better. I have educated myself beyond average fools.

Cuzigo where I will n' you won't follow, can't keep up, so go into your corner, this my section-mine. MyLife, this complete understanding of past and future Cuzigo where my gut tells me. You? Really? Just watch and learn CuzIgo international and full throttle. Cuzigo past your weak-ass structures. I can hack your life. Pow! Pnwd! I can't be bothered Cuzigo to a spot where my promotion causes commotion. MyLife, MyLife, MyLife in the sunshine, Cuzigo to the top. Mastery, blasphemy and new rules, Pattern me? Cuzigo personal on you, cuz. I ain't finished, why you walkin' away? Don't judge me, fool.

Met a
on your journey? Work with one? Live next to one? Avoiding being one? What?

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  1. I have an AWARD for you over at my blog!



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