Sunday, February 8, 2009

PinC Bubble


We are 'girlfriends helping girlfriends'. A 'girlfriend' is a professional in the hair, skin care or makeup industry with a giving heart and desire to be of service to others.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA
offers a WORLDWIDE PROGRAM dedicated to the inner and outer beauty of women undergoing chemotherapy and other types of treatment for cancer and chronic non-contagious diseases by offering personal, group and self help instruction on hair, skin care, makeup and personal appearance. In Addition,
is a COMMUNITY for WOMEN. Offering a Wig Shop, Store, (Set Your Own Pace) Travel Club, Speakers Bureau, Events Planner, Monthly Newsletter, and Featured Care Giver of the month. Advertisers and Sponsors enjoy the opportunity to reach and support a large number of women.

There has never been a time when services like those offered from PinC Bubble are needed. Director
Mimi Long
has some welcome advice about
Feeling good about You

What are some of the things we can do to achieve this and feel better?

Have a Positive Attitude - It's contagious and you become a magnet to others.

Do something Nice for someone else every day - "It is more blessed to give than receive." It works - try it!

Be Grateful for what you have - It can make a house a home; a meal a feast; an acquaintance a friend.

Remain Curious about everything - It keeps your brain active - have you ever noticed that the minute you are asked a question, your brain immediately starts working to find the answer?

Don't Miss Anything - attend everything that you can - it will keep you feeling young and alive!

and there is even a special charter membership price which can get you started quickly. Once your online form is completed, a Pinc Bubble representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Pinc Bubble can show you how to take care of your skin, enhance eyebrows, eyelashes, blemishes and head coverings. Pinc Bubble wants you to look and feel better. If you cannot come to a group or individual session, just follow our easy step-by-step tutorials. You can get started on the
to see the steps. It's a good thing!

Psiplex applauds Pinc Bubble for reaching out, educating and giving strength and support for cancer patients, survivors and their families. Well done!

Other Quick Cancer Resource Links

More coming next time...Here is one of my favortite GC quotes —

George Carlin Quote
: “Hooray for most things!”

One Love

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  1. The fact that you are using your blog to promote such a worthy cause it is wonderful!
    In battling cancer a positive mind set is almost always a decisive factor.
    I am not a woman nor a cancer patient and I don't know if it is my place to speak in their name but I would like to thank you never the less.
    Be Loved!



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