Sunday, February 15, 2009

Universal Employment


Assigned a new job this month. The universe decreed that I should be me. Who is this me that I should be? A me that can just 'be'. No title, no authority, no personal goal or direction. Follow the universe and catch the breeze. Nothing to do but to be a Self, the one connected to the One, the one without the many and the noise. I am
, yo.

Requiring no executive regional management decision, quorum, panel reviews or corporate-blessed titles, this new position is the one I have always been looking for. As Mooji says' What you are looking for is where you are starting from'. Well, starting from my true Self, the nobody, I have arrived at the place of wonderment, my true Self, the nobody. Liberation!

Service area:
Reality and
he world I am connected to in Oneness.
None. On your own.
: Extremely casual and respectful of cats and other living things.
Grateful, thankful, respectful and loving. Heart open, flowing like water around contention.
Just be practical, don't be a tool.
Primary Duties
: Listening for the teaching, shutting up, staying still and quiet in the heart and receiver dish wide open to blessings flowing all around. Receive, pass blessings and love on, repeat.
No office, no cubicle, no fake good morning smiles for co-workers. No co-workers! No sense of a past or future, now is time to be, time is only what is NOW and it is what it is. What will come of it will be the job the universe has declared, decreed and seeded.
Today's journey
Observe, letting the play of life pass without judgement, without a mental construct or concept of what should be based on the body/mind's false identity of a 'me'. Main objective? To lose the 'me' of the mind, to mind the 'Self' that I am, to 'Self' be true and let it be, let it pass, and enjoy the emptiness of surrender.
Net Net
: It's all being done, so showing up is all that is needed, nothing to be done by a doer or thinker, planner or strategist. No BlinkedIn, FaceSpace buddies, Twittfreaks, FeedFarce, MeatSpace, FlakeFake followers, sycophants or saddhus. No office manager or supervisor in sight, thank you very much.
: Inner harmony, peace, wisdom, awareness, stillness, space and the obligation to give freely from what is received. To incorporate all blessing, prayers, wishes and goodwill sent this way and to return it in music, poetry, prose and images that may do the same for another. As Damian Marley says: “More love, more life, more solidarity”.

As long as we do not lose site that we are part of the connected Source, we will be alright. Remembering that the Source is dancing us, there is less pressure to prop up the role of one who is in hardship. The soul is not in hardship, our mental position of who we are,and what we 'should' be bringing home is impacted. Our changeless, impersonal self that is connected to all life will always be-perfect. Nothing to be done but surrender and accept what is. Good to be back to work as an employee of the universe.

What are your new job projections? Does the shitty downturn in the job market affect your job you are doing for the Universe?

Just be


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Would like to get artists and creative folks battling cancer to connect so I can write some articles about staying creative in complexity with cancer. How is creativity being used to make your life more meaningful?

Electronic Music on the iPhone

Remixing music the next wave in consuming music?
The app lets anyone with an iPhone, regardless of their level of experience, mix and
every song in the album. This is only the first step: The company plans to apply the same approach to several other electronica albums as well.

Exquisite writing on the nature of Truth

Here is a mind-opening sample:

Truth and the Work
The correct perspective from which you can do this work is always to be aware of whether you are interested in the truth of what is happening right now, or whether you are trying to achieve something. Are you doing the work now to acquire something, to arrive at a certain goal, or are you doing it because you love the truth? This is a shift in attitude that is needed for us to finally understand the hopelessness of the situation. You are caught and divided because you still have hope that things will be different. That hope creates desire, the desire creates rejection of what is there, the rejection of what is there creates division, the division creates conflict, the conflict creates suffering, the suffering then creates searching. The searching creates more rejection and more conflict and the cycle continues. (Diamond Heart Book 2, pg 72)

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One Love


  1. Yup, it does affect me.
    I don't know why but I can't detach myself from the illusion.
    I don't even know if I want too, at this point.
    I think I like it better than nirvana.
    Call me a masochist :)

  2. I love it. Sounds a little like my job description lately. Much preferred to the alternative. Great writing. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. I realy very loved to do job in any condition.

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