Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Putting Positive in the World


Wanted to share some positive vibrations heading out into the universe. First off, there's the
that is simply cool.
This kind of positivity presented freely to the world is so important as it makes us realize that consciousness is working for our greater good. The Underground Art School
is a good place to get the vibe. A pleasant surprise to see this type of unicity. Don't need another 2009 calendar? This one, matey, you do. But...

PosiSoul ready for review!

Started a small series of intermittent and extemporaneous poetry/observations I call 'Phrase'. A short collection of poetry, prose and images used to share some vibes. You can view, download, print or save the new PDF release at the Psiplex ISSUU link:

Phrase Series Started

Between the knotholes on the plywood of life comes a collection of poem and prose that I call 'Phrase'.
. Photos are used to illustrate a phrase, a kind of still shot of life at various moments. '
Very Well Then'
is a collection of oddities that are random, candid and sometimes nothing completely at all. Phrase is a PDF document. You can download it by clicking on the image or view, download, print or E-mail it from the URL given here. The complete randomness and unarticulated meandering of
is exactly why it is presented. Some of life is just random and unarticulated, yet has a lasting impact. Phrase has no lasting impact. It is impacted and presented as a point, or, as my friend from New Orleans states “
a pernt
”. This is my
— the play of life cannot be other than what it is, random, beautiful, horrific and right now. This post is dedicated to anyone who has a scar. You know who you are- pernt taken.

Special thanks to the Mayor and the Ambassador

Two very special friends who go through travails with me-
Mr. Fasil
Mr. Miron
, part of the family like two brothers! Salute!

New favorite quote from Mooji: "All beings, graced with the urge to simply be, respond to Truth."

One Love

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  1. I was just browsing the blogosphere in search of intelligent life…
    I really love your blog. Great job!
    Keep up the good work.

    Be loved!



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