Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marching Along in Spring


Feelin' the Spring powering up baby! Soon it will be time to hum, buzz, swoop, dive and dance with the powerful forces of life that surges with Spring! Celebrating, giving thanks for and honoring life today in the present moment for all that is. Not having to fully understand every little piece of miracle that life is has been liberating. Enjoying the chance to just 'be'. Hope you are diggin' it too! Happy in being a nobody in particular and witnessing this gorgeous and hilarious play of existence. Seeing myself in all things and all beings without the false sense of separation. That's why I always say 'One Love' – we are all connected. The illusion of separateness is illusion.


Had the joy of getting an invitation from Chicago Author and Spiritual Teacher
about his new e-book called
. At the time of receiving this most welcome invitation, I had been meditating on the idea of our True Nature, the True Self which is not the role we take our selves to be, but the I-Self we find in stillness and the present moment.
This I-Self, which is the witness of consciousness is changeless, timeless and non-personal, connected to all life and is aware of all that arises in consciousness. The past few days has brought more of a focus into the True Self and the self inquiry, 'Who Am I? that leads to discovering what you are not. Since Prakash had sent the link to The Little Book of Silence, I was smiling at the synchronicity of the universe which allowed a more delightful study of and furtherance of the self inquiry. 

Prakash has eloquently stated that as we seek knowledge we are confirming and feeding the ego; knowledge and ego being the same. All this to the exclusion of Silence, the Source of direct knowledge and liberating experiential connection with the Absolute which we are seeking, but may not know it. Prakash has laid out the condition of our desire and striving for a better 'me' through knowledge in a clear and easily assimilated series of points that show how one's relation to their ego, their acquired conditioned knowledge directly impacts their life and relation to other aspects of their life.
Subsequently, our connection with Silence, of which all consciousness springs, the fathomless eternal Source, is examined in a series of pointers that lead to a powerful self inquiry for the reader. There is not a specific 'test answer' that is right, rather the act of examining one's relationship to Silence and their concept of their own knowledge can lead to finding out about the I-Self. 

As Prakash states on enterthenew site: 

Knowledge drawing from Silence and
Silence enveloping knowledge. 
This, my dear, is the play of the Cosmos.
Why then don't you play along 
and let "your" knowledge sink
back into its own infinite Source?

Download a copy of
' for yourself and explore of what you can find about your True Self.

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This week Shiva 112 posted this beautiful poetry on five verses on self-enquiry:
ive verses on enquiry

who is enquiring?
I am
abide in the natural awareness of 'I am'
prior to 'I am this' or 'I am that'

don't let this enquiry be just in your head
get down into your gut
and feel the bodily presence of your own existence

use the silent enquiry 'who am I?'
to keep the mind subsiding in this abidance
and not running off in useless thought

if thoughts and emotions are crowding in
be with the breath and the sensations in the body
this too shall pass

just as the fan continues to turn for a time after the power is cut
this restless mind too will continue to turn for a time
this too shall pass

Big Respect to Shiva 112 - One Love!

Quote for this week:

Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. - Rumi

Thanks Ariel and

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  2. The spring! The miracle of renewed life. Falling in love, the explosion of flowers. Indeed a magical time.
    I was listening to the "little book of silence" the audio book version. Quite fascinating.
    Thank you for sharing!



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