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A Different Kind of Normal


Psiplex is a chunk of consciousness having fun in the creative impulse happily creating and sharing poetry, music and graphics while deepening in love, awareness, awakening and the true Self. This post explores the roles or non roles we often mistake for our 'self', our reality or the 'me' we take ourselves to be. In discovering our true nature which is love, there are amazing observations to make and a connectedness to the One. The universe comes out to meet you when you make the first move toward the universe :-)

One person in my life whom epitomizes the perfectly natural and sublime 'do less' philosophy, (in a good way) is Pyut. He has always been a friend to admire especially for that. In a kind of perpetual Zen Chill mode, my friend Pyut the Ironman, real name Doug, is a personal iconic figure for being able to do life with less. Not so much in a material sense, although that is the case, but with less baggage and self flagellation than most. Pyut is one of the kindest, gentlest souls in my world and continues to remind that the importance in life is having an agenda to achieve less, do less and be less. Just from example, not by preaching, Pyut has got Zen Chill on lock. A lot to be said for it and a lot less pressure to be in contention with some illusionary lifestyle. As a chef, musician an artist, Pyut has this way of inspiring without being in the way. He can just float a cool vibe and share it. Shout out Pyut!

A Different Kind of Normal
' available on the Psiplex ISSUU site
. A Different Kind of Normal' is the subject of Phrase #5 from which explores the meaning of personal identification. Loosely related to this post , it is a quick read. There is only a very subjective viewpoint as to what is normal in terms of one's identity and the roles played each day. Who are you? Are you more than a bank account with a 98.6 temperature? Original poetry, prose and selected quotes delve into what it means to be your true Self.

Peeplz - Shouting Out around the World

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– hacking life with a dull blade

Some more humor from
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Hilarious look at enlightenment with this puppet guru. Master Puppetji speaks the truth as only he can. Reminding us all to laugh every day, and not take anything too seriously; see the funny side of life and "Enlighten Up".

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Featuring the best of all genres of electronic music. Check out the iTunes solipsistic NATION podcast, a weekly show or get it by subscribing to the solipsistic NATION feed. Creator Bazooka Joe energizes SN with artist interviews (from up and coming artists and labels to major league) carried by his love and passion for electronic music and its ever widening scope of influence. Bazooka Joe invites original electronic music artists to submit works that are played on the show. The iTune subscription to SN makes it easy and fun to get the latest. Big props to Bazooka Joe for his tireless efforts to raise our consciousness by bringing the best and brightest electronic music to our ears.

Battling Cancer Update

After renewed chemotherapy with Erbitux, the initial report is some of the tumors detected in the left lung have shrunk but one is stubbornly not shrinking. Something the oncologist is watching is spot on the liver which is new. So,keeping an eye on things in general. next-what to do about the hip joint and those nodules. Always something moving with cancer- have to be real alert and proactive.

LifeSeries #6 now on YouTube

The ongoing Psiplex
is now on YouTube as well as the Psiplex Vimeo
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– Both ISSUU and DocStoc offer PDF-like viewers containing no audio. Both are available to view, download, print and share via e-mail. No account necessary, signing up to both sites = free. The LifeSeries is a collection of favorite quotes from teachers and wise folks who share their pointings and teachings about the true self and the reality of being awake and conscious in the eternal preset moment. LifeSeries #6 is a continuation of Mooji's book “Before I Am' quotes that are most dear to Psiplex and the marvelous, soul-serving wisdom he has to share.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    Love this...

    "a chunk of consciousness having fun in the creative impulse happily creating and sharing"

  2. Boy! You don’t post much but when you do you really fill up the page :)
    I was intrigued by your friend Pyut and I would like to know more about him.
    Does he have a blog or a site or a public persona or he is just a personal friend of yours?
    Whatever he is, he sounds like a great guy.



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