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10 Things You Should Know About Nobody


10 Things You Should Know about Nobody

. A Nobody has gone past the need for artificiality at the 'Self' level. The ego is dissolving, the mind moving into the heart.
. A nobody has gone beyond the need to care about being Nobody
. A Nobody has as much use for the ego as they do for a stock offer from Madoff
. A Nobody is more in tune with the real tune, nobody in particular, not suffering an idea about a 'self', a false conditioning.
. A Nobody requires no moral support from a moral majority, minority or enormity
. A Nobody genuinely cares for everybody as they are one connectedness
. A Nobody has found the balance of the universe, of cause and effect needing no-thing
. A Nobody is ever present in the eternal NOW, timeless and realizes that the changeless nature of
the Source is reality
. A Nobody's independence from the false identity embraced by others doesn't inhibit or prohibit their respect, love and connectedness to other beings
. A Nobody has no need of the past or future as NOW is the only time that is. A Nobody realizes that there is nothing to strive for to be a 'better me' as we are already THAT, no contention, no resistance, allowing peace to flow.

Forgiving yourself for the purpose of discovering yourself.

To not strive to produce an intent that does not honor awareness and 'I AM' as One, as True Self

Good quote and thoughts from
from his March 8 blog :

It Ain't Over 'till the Fat Lady Sings

"I think that whatever spiritual enlightenment is, then no teacher or teaching has a monopoly or exclusive franchise upon it. So each person who is putting themselves forth as a teacher no doubt has a degree of illumination and a degree of understanding which might, for a time, prove helpful and supportive to others in their own self-unfolding, recognizing that no-one can give or take away that which is the essential nature of us all. However there also seems to be manifold opportunities for degrees of self-delusion, limited understanding and different view points at every stage of the journey. So it would seem then to pay to never take ones own or others opinions too seriously, recognizing that ultimately, this play of Consciousness is a mystery which is beyond the human minds capacity to understand. We may have some helpful general concepts about it but in the actual living of it, it seems that we must let go of attachment to the conceptual mind altogether.

I have found in my own explorations, both here at Arunachala and before, that the various teachers and teachings all have something useful to offer and can all offer some light on what may be considered as aspects of truth and pathways towards that. Furthermore, depending upon their own degree of direct illumination and upon ones own receptivity, then a teacher can also act as a channel for the silent energy of Consciousness to catalyse ones own subjective experience of what is spoken of whether it is considered as a Divine Presence or as a Vast Silence. I like how Werner puts it; that there are no stages in Reality, but if one has a lasting experiential opening to a deeper appreciation and living of that Reality, then not to take it as something final (taking oneself to have become Enlightened) but rather as more like the ending of one chapter and the beginning of something new. That we do not get stuck in thinking that we have arrived, but that we continue to cultivate the deepening of our experience thereby always allowing the mystery to unfold and expand. That when the fixated identity of being a 'me' falls away then we are able to not take the whole story of this holographic magic show so seriously. That we can take this adventure here on earth playfully and fully enjoy our role as embodiments of unfolding Consciousness being made richer by the experience." Additionally, good article from Shiva112 on the

Cancer Links and Resources

Steps to take to
– from eHow

Take Care of Yourself During Chemotherapy

Step 1

Purchase over-the-counter medications for nausea, diarrhea, mouth pain and other side effects. Your doctor can recommend appropriate medications.
Step 2

Create a resting place. Invest in cozy sheets and pillows to make your sleep comfortable. Add a radio or CD player for soft, soothing music and a journal in which you can catalog your feelings and fears.
Step 3

Use low impact exercise, such as yoga or tai chi, to quell anxiety. Deep breathing exercises also can lower stress. Exercise releases endorphins that can raise your mood, and consistent exercise can increase your energy.
Step 4

Buy a selection of foods that are easy to eat, in case your appetite wanes or vanishes. Try sherbet, yogurt, instant breakfast drinks, protein shakes or fruit smoothies.
Step 5

Be aware that side effects may not vanish once your chemotherapy treatment ends. As you attend follow-up appointments with your doctor, explain which symptoms are lingering.

Know What to Avoid

Step 1

Keep away from anyone suffering from cold, flu or virus. Chemotherapy weakens your immune system, making you more vulnerable to illness.
Step 2

Stay away from people who are negative or drain your energy. Surround yourself with positive, upbeat friends. You also can lift your mood by putting your favorite art, trinkets, photos or other mementos in places where you will see them regularly.
Step 3

Do not overexert yourself. Recovering from chemotherapy demands energy, so get plenty of rest. If you find yourself too fatigued for calisthenics, aerobics or weight lifting, try range-of-motion exercises in bed or in a chair.


– you are a blessing and a representation of the universe's answer in my life
The Mayor and the Ambassador
– My brothers Fasil and Miron – I am counting on you!
Miles Davis
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Carol Cooper's Compass WebWorks

Mooji's Blogspot
– '

Battling Cancer Health Update

Trying to remedy swollen ankles, swollen knees that are affecting mobility. Not having a full lymphatic system really taxes the body, pulling fluids around the joints. Managing pain, nausea and diarrhea is full time while fighting fatigue that acts like a cheap hoodie. Elevating feet and trying to get more nutrition to combat the effects of accumulating chemo crud. Yeech. So far, hangin' in there with the Erbitux but it causes a rather nasty rash- like having 13 year old acne again, but all over. Spirits are good. That's why I'm always telling you that you have to stay creative in whatever complexity you are facing. Just let the roof off every once in a while and let the universe pour in some sparky creative vibes. Be open to change and know you are changeless.


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  1. There is no one single path to enlightenment.
    Each one’s path, experience, is different.
    A teacher my give you some pointers but he can’t do the journey for you.
    At a certain point we all have to do the solo flight :)

  2. Thanks Buddha!

    When I was wee little, my Dad used to sing me this song and one of the verses says: "You're going to have to walk this road all by yourself". It stuck wth me all these years and you reminded me of it.

    One Love



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