Sunday, March 22, 2009

Master of the Unexceptional


Being master of the unexceptional has its advantages. Yes, being regular, pedestrian, run-of-the-mill and completely average has become rather refreshing in the current state of a national epidemic of 'roided out' everything. The insignificant, prosaic normalcy of being utterly unnoteworthy is kind of fun, actually. Are you okay with being unexceptional? Are you okay with being a person in the crowd that no one is particularly drawn to? Are you okay with your averageness? It's good to be nearly invisible once in a while! From our earliest conditioning we are taught to stand out, be proud and be a leader. Come to find out, it's overrated and requires lots of Tylenol (or worse) later in the career to keep the myth afloat. Learning to let go of the conditioned response to be exceptional is liberating. Like my bud, Pyut the Ironman, doing less is what it is all about.

Always having to attain something above and beyond what is perceived to be your competitor or even your contemporary is bogus. Getting rid of your limited self concepts allows you to see your pre-conditioned true Self — who you were before you adopted the role of 'me'. The true essence of who you are, your natural self is enough. The very singleness that makes you who you are should be celebrated, then you can go back to bed and get some rest. Attending one less meeting, one less fake holiday office party, one less social function will pay back dividends. Just the pressure relief of not having to play along with a perceived notion of who you think people think you are is refreshing. Spending extra time in the pajamas and fuzzy slippers non-competing with the world gives back life. Staging a revolution of non-resistance in your most comfortable jeans and (Psiplex) Tee-shirt will make being unexceptional completely rule. 

W00t yourself happy by shucking a tux, not washing the car for another week, skipping a haircut, putting off yard work and not Twittering could buy you extra time in front of that coffee and apple pie. Then, you can relax enough to perhaps let the muse have you for a bit to write, create some music, play with the cat or alpaca, sling some poetry or tell someone you love them and head back to bed. Appreciate who you truly are without the role you play and realize you don't have to fake being exceptional on the outside, because you already are that on the inside! Eckhart Tolle had some good points that I want to share with you:

Don't be defined by the roles you play – relinquish the role when it is not required anymore
You are the space of consciousness of whatever happens in your life
Know who you are will set you free (stillness) Only the truth of who you are if realized will set you free.
All structures and forms are unstable – a recognition of the impermanence of all forms makes the realization of timelessness.
You are the universe expressing yourself as a human for a little while
You are not your thoughts, you are the awareness that makes the thoughts possible. You are the awareness disguised as a person. Put your attention to the aliveness of the inner body and away from thinking. Focus on the stillness.

Check out an earlier post on being '
'. This post deals with not having to be connected to a false sense of who you are operating in the even larger artificial and bogus falsehood of social conditioning.

The 7
in the Psiplex Phrase Series is all about '
'. It is a step of self inquiry that asks 'Who Am I” beyond the role we take ourselves to be. Phrase #7 has original poetry, prose and a desire to connect with what you are going through on the daily. Phrase something over to me at
to see how you can become a part of the series. Would love to connect with creative sparks that deal with awareness, consciousness, the True Self, art, music and expressing the self through creative writing and being in the stream of life consciousness.

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Battling Cancer Health Update
Tests to determine pinched nerve in back or what is exactly causing back spasms. Chemo on Tuesday completely wiped me out. Felt like I was burning up and drying up at the same time while in a refrigerated box- freezing hot and totally weird. Combine that with nausea and diarrhea and you've go yourself some prime time misery. Comforting to know I am not this cancer and I am not this limited body or mind. This too, will pass. Staying creative playing with T-shirt designs helps. Got a spinal MRI on Thursday - 2
half on Monday more info about

Head and Neck Cancer Resource links to YouTube Vids and articles

“Metastatic Breast Cancer Needs More Public Attention”


PSA Screening May Lead to Overdiagnosis of

Quotes for Now
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

Kenji Miyazawa

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  1. It depends on the definition of "regular" or "exceptional".
    Paris Hilton is considerate a celebrity by some people.
    My daughters think of me as the greatest guy in the world.
    I wouldn't change my life with hers (Paris) even if they paid me :)

  2. I loved your line: "Just the pressure relief of not having to play along with a perceived notion of who you think people think you are is refreshing." That's actually one of the main reasons I write my blog I think, to kind of come clean with the world, with the people who know me (or think they do). I wanted to just be me and let the depth and struggle and joy all rise to the surface to be seen. It's quite a pleasure to start wearing my real clothes rather than the ones others see me and prefer me as wearing.

    I'm actually thinking of writing a book which has this topic/dilemma as it's main thrust. I've never really thought much of writing before, but a title hit me while I was in India and it seems to be sticking to me. I'll tell it to you when we meet, which will hopefully be sooner than later.

    The more I read your writings, the more I am coming to know you as a co-conspirator. Rest up, heal, be well, and write more when it can't be contained any longer.



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