Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time Exists Only for the Mind


Time exists solely for the mind. Time exists only for the mind. The mind aligns with time. Got time, out of time, in time, through time – all objective concepts. 
The consciousness, the Atman, Brahman, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness or what you wish to refer to as your innermost nature is changeless and out of time. The mind, as a tool of logic needs to be able to apprehend space and time for positioning purposes, orienting one to the clocks and patterns and geography of one's surroundings. For this purpose and the purpose of calculating things, the mind is a wonderful tool. Not so much for matters of timelessness, consciousness and awareness of the True Self. 

To know who you are, it is said, it is best to find out who you are not. The person with all the conditioning and role playing is not you. Get that straight now. You are not your mind, your body, your name or your SS#. Who are you? Good question! There is no ready-made textbook answer, rather it is a jump off question of self discovery. You are aware that you are alive and aware that you are, well, aware. Something else also can be sensed that is aware. What is this? You can be aware that you have a conscious sense of what is arising and yet, there is the sense of an 'other' being aware that YOU are aware. By going deeper into this seeing, you will discover what you are. What are you? A human being? An object? An android? Look and see. This time, we will take a look at two highly respected writers, teachers and travelers who have direct knowledge and experience.
are two wonderful beings highly regarded by myself and others. Let's hear what they have to say below.

Fellow Blogger & India Traveler
has a clear definition of who the 'I Am' is.


Self (I Am)
pure undifferentiated consciousness prior to individuality
self (I am)
- the individual ego-identity

The feeling-sense of 'I' or 'I am'
- pertaining to the 'I'-thought at the core of the ego

the True 'I' or 'I Am'
- the Higher Self beyond thoughts or feelings

- the approach of focusing attention on the feeling-sense of 'I' or 'I am' such that thoughts drop off and the True 'I' or 'I Am' is revealed

Pure Awareness, Pure Consciousness, Pure Being
- synonyms for the Self

- the three essential, inherent and inseparable qualities of the Self, namely, Existence
-Consciousness-Bliss or Being-Awareness-Peace
Embodied Beingness
- my own term used to refer to feeling very present, very still and very centered in the body which I was confusing with the feeling-sense of 'I' and/or Pure Being.

Chicago teacher, writer and all around excellent dude
Kevin Edwards
has a brilliant aticle and this is an
from “
” from the Blog 'Enter The New'
© 2009 Prakash

The belief, I am me or I am set apart is what prevents coming home, or liberation. Liberation is liberation from this belief in I. It is the flip-side of faith. Liberation is freedom from ignorance. Faith is holding to the truth of God. It is the same thing. The only difference is that the ego, owing to a perceived separate identity, can do nothing but objectify. As a result, Truth, God, Love, Reality etc. become separate objects or concepts, setting the Infinite apart from Itself. This is the delusion. The main point is that without this belief, "I am me," Without this belief "I am finite," without excluding anything from Wholeness, when you have lost your life in order to save it, the truth of Oneness is no longer overshadowed. What is hidden since the foundation of the world, what is hidden from the knowledgeable is finally revealed.

Everything is God, not knowing it. There are no separate individuals. "The One became two. Two became three, and three became ten thousand things." Since this apparent separation has resulted, the shining Truth has been overshadowed by ignorance. What is called salvation consists in undoing this basic error. It is leading the ego out of bondage into the promised land, leading the soul from being lost to being saved.

Being lost is the very opposite of being saved. Whereas being saved is being saved from separation and ignorance, being lost is to continue in it. Continuing in ignorance is what creates enemies. There are no enemies. "Whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do to me." In other words, the mystical body of Christ is Christ, and Christ is God. How you treat "others" is how you treat God, because God is all there is, including what you call “you.” All that is happening is that God is making the journey home. Another way of saying this is everything is being redeemed or saved from separation.

In truth, nothing is actually separate. Holiness is anything but being “set apart.” That’s "the dream." The ego actually has it's being in God. Put another way, the ego is God. The ego isn't an ego at all. Nothing here is apart from anything else: not the body, not the mind, not the self, not others, not the world, nothing. There are no borders or boundaries, no inside or outside, no difference or distinction and no others. There is just one eternal reality. The relative is only the absolute in time. Read more at
. Kevin holds a Masters degree in Sacred Theology from the Angelicum in Rome and is a gifted writer, who uses prose and parables to awaken. No stranger to other cultures, Kevin has enlightened audiences in Rome, in the US and in India where he received the name
which means light. You can contact Prakash through his e-mail address at:

One Love Prakash!

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