Monday, March 30, 2009

Can You See the Real Me?


Can you see the real me ? Can ya? can ya?
had a hit with this song many years ago It was a monster and underscores the propensity for the ego to be confused yet needing to be recognized and accepted. The ego always tries to manipulate its surroundings and others to get to a place where eventually, it isn't happy anyway.

One Thing to Ponder

If you are criticizing someone or wishing them failure, you are digging a pit for them. You may as well recognize that you are digging one for yourself. Just the suction of the negativity will cause you to fall into your own pit. Operate in love and all works out. Operate in fear and nothing works out. True dat.

Wanted to pass along that there is a new Psiplex artwork piece published in Platform 58 for April '09. The piece is titled "
" coinciding with the Platform 58 subject matter. "
" Appears on page 6. There are a lot of awesome submittals in this issue to check out. Would like to get your Tweets on any subject when you get time and opportunity @psiplex

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the Psiplex iPhone or iPod Touch 320 x 480 PNG file wallpapers. Use it as a reminder to stay connected and creative! The Mystic Tree wallpaper features the @psiplex Twitter name so you can tweet about your next creative project with the Psi guy. The Digital blue wallpaper has official Psiplex logo and URL.

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This snippet is from the forthcoming poem called 'Terms of Surrender' from Psiplex Phrase #9 to be published on ISSUU around the 1st of April, may be up there before that.
"25 ways to be as it is, no me struggling A past that is passed is just storage space"
You can check the Phase series as well as other creative writing chunks on ISSUU at the


One of Atlanta's foundational record stores, promotional vehicles and all around good guys
was damn close to being all things to all people. The inimitable Mr. Woo, a founding father there is a true gentleman, entrepreneur and a reservoir of dynamism. Like a digital chameleon, Chuck is ever evolving and has had a big impact on how I came to understand how Atlanta's music industry and the interwebz work. Earwax Records brought a lot of previously unknown artists to the national forefront. I only hope the good folks there at EW could be compensated fro their promotional efforts by some of the artists who are now headliners. They certainly deserve it. For now, check out the
page to get the latest news. Rock on EARWAX! Big respect, light and love!

Has some incredible insight and teachings on the True Self, our path and purpose and finding out about who you really are. Diggin' it.

Abstract Thoughts

Imprinted on my mind every minute

“Really happy people are not pursuing happiness”


One Love

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  1. Really happy people don't pursue happiness!
    I love that!
    I have realized a long time ago that you can't change the world to conform to you so I have stopped worrying too much about other people and concentrating on my own ego problems.



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