Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Medical Brief- an Update

New medical update this week. No big changes except visited new cancer specialist surgeon at Emory University Medical Center here in Atlanta. Confirmed that the cancer is spreading aggressively to left side of tongue and neck. There was a train of thought that after the removal of the submandibular gland last month, the spread would be halted, however, the aggression/spread is faster and causing falling behind the eight ball rather than be in front of it. The next step is a new chemotherapy cocktail that is completely different fro the previous cocktails used back in April. The previous combination will not be effective as there is a type of immunity built up that prevents the chemo from being effective.

The next step is a review of the current CAT scan, getting a new
to determine how far the cancer has spread. Thus far, it moving into the lungs which had not happened before. There was a point, around May/June of this year as if it was eradicated, but returned in July back on the tongue after chemotherapy and radiation. This is when the right radial neck dissection was used to remove lymph node nodules. It was again halted and from late July, after partial removal of the
from there to late October, there was improvement. November brought more tests and during a followup the
was detected back on the left side of the tongue. Now, there is preparation for another attack at the cancer to get ahead of the eight ball. The decision will involve the use of limited chemotherapy and surgery to remove the remainder of the tongue. So, lots of adjustments to consider. There is the strong possibility that plastic surgery can be used to reconstruct enough of the tongue for some mobility and swallowing-to be determined. It is what it is.

In the meantime, continuing to stay creative amid complexity by composing some short electronic music pieces, some slide presentations of quotes going to
and staying positive and being still in the present moment.
Grateful for Grace, friends, family and the light folks are sending!

One Love

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