Friday, December 5, 2008

Recycled Into One


As part of the One Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, God Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, the Tao or the Absolute, we are all connected. In recent posts addressing the state of this shell, the body/mind of this person writing and dialoguing with you, this name and SS#, this being, the play goes on, being. The human part of the human being gets recycled. Whether by disease, accident, unfortunate circumstances or the general way of all passing things, our physical body/mind passes. The being, our essential Self, our true nature, often referred to as spirit is always in a place of awareness and no-time, which is eternity. Eternity is not a 'long time', but 'no-time'. We are connected by our being as by our humanity to each other and all things.

With the body falling away, we will be where we always were, our changeless state of being. the recycling of the body is the arrival of our physical presence on the shore of life for a short while and the receding, or tide moving out is the body's way of being recycled. This natural process is at it is and is seen throughout nature. Our contention with it is that we have a notion of and end to life after he body passes. It s not so. We already are connected to the Absolute, nothing to be done or strived for. The consciousness we are is connected and continues. Our body/mind and the identification with it goes and is no more, but the true Self continues as it ever was. No contention, no striving, imageless, the perfect stillness that came and returns from emptiness. It is with emptiness that the body/mind identification has the problem. Not many can stand to have their carefully crafted identity removed. It our purpose to find the true self, our true nature, which is love and in love there is no fear. In a past post about being

I mentioned that the importance of where we focus our attention on, such as an identity and the 'me' we take our self to be is not the true Self, which is the being, the eternal. Indeed, it would be sad if this 'me' were to be no more. The joy and peace of being comes when we realize that the being, our true nature, love is what we are already, and have always been. It is already done- you are perfect as you are. Explore and discover for yourself by asking yourself in stillness 'Who Am I?” Don't attempt to get an answer like a list, just try the process and see who it is that is this 'I”. Who is it that watches this “I”? Can this itself be observed? You are more than the body/mind, the space you take up and the roles you play. Enjoy your discovery, enjoy knowing and the direct experience.

One Love

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