Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Medical Brief and Decisions


The PET Scan taken on December 15, 2008 determined that indeed, the cancer nodules are very aggressive and spreading. Since the diagnosis exactly one year ago, it is fascinating, in a disjointed way, to see how cancer moves so fast in the body. Essentially, the
traces the intravenously injected sugar to see where it binds to. The place with the most sugar collected is inspected for cancer which feeds off sugar (in part, although this is way more complicated).

The decision now is to see what can be done to isolate and treat nodules that are starting to split off and spread and to find the best manner for this. In the meantime, hospitalization has been the best course in combatting the
infection incurred as a result of
which is seven kinds of nasty. The extreme diarrhea caused by CDIF and the weight loss on an already weak immune system is pretty rough. Pain management is another concern. Getting these two complications under control was the main thrust this week. More consultations this week and more chemo on the way.

As for staying creative in complexity, a new fresh new second part of the quote series on Vimeo is available. What I call the LifeSeries is quotes found to be helful on this journey.
is the title of this very short clip on my Stillness and Silence channel. More updates soon.

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