Sunday, December 21, 2008

FUD Levels


FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt are in no short supply in your real and virtual space. It crawls through every medium and water cooler conversation with its message of separateness, divisiveness and unusual personal complexities. It is a contagion that is big business for media, a scourge for souls and fodder for the mischievous and deceiptful.
In this o
pposite corner of the garden, between infinities, there is a need for one to examine what is true and right and eternal. False gods, ennui and the New Bogus that pass for reality are only ripples of our broiling illusionary false ideals, our steaming pile of FUD.

Fearing and wanting as primary motivating forces are not what leads to clarity, sanity and peace. Both macro and micro views of what we believe is reality contribute only to what is essentially h
idden from yourself. You true self has no need of FUD, doesn't produce it, and doesn't apply it. Your true nature is not fear or lack or anxiousness although acted out, your true nature is rooted in love. Recommend watching the
, or Oneness (we are all connected) as well as other is the series. Additionally, a Slideshare presentation of the poem
can be useful for understanding our connectedness and unity and intentions.

Recognize and find what cannot leave you. Recognize who you are by knowing who you are not. In a previous post titled '
', there is need for recognition that the roles you play and the identity you carry is not your true self.

Only Divine love an comprehend what we are in and out of the duality of existence and bringing us through grace to Oneness. Harmony truly comes when there is a disconnect with a natural state of living, an everyday world through pain, suffering, tragedy, loss, etc. Divine love and harmony are there always waiting to bring us to the reality of the Source, the unchanging and eternal.

One Love

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