Friday, June 20, 2008

Why I am Wasting Your Timelessness

Each and every day, someone or something is vying for your attention. From your family, co-workers and buds, to every single electronic device spewing some form of ad pollution, all want your undivided attention. If you are like me, you only have so much you can give or tolerate for that matter. Your attention, you see, is the complete focused energy of your being. It is usually reserved for those life situations that make up your personal and professional waking moments. Your family, co-workers and buds are given more attention real estate, like beachfront real estate than the common interruptions of ads and folks trying to chit chat on the Metro. With the ginormous amount of blah blowing over you in billows, it can get pretty tiring by the end of the day when you turn off the box as the last ad for beer or male enhancement makes its pitch for your bloodshot consideration. Before you know it, bedtime is upon you, your day spent, your attention 4 sheets to the wind.

All this means is that the real you, not the necktie guy in the company newsletter, the makeup applying Chica in the rearview mirror or the photobombed student is scattered, battered and about to hulk out. Reason? With all the time we have separated out into little plots of 'to do', there is rarely time to be with yourself in your time and your place. When you can get there, this is your timelessness. Timelessnes is where good memories are made and spread around like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, where you are connected to people who wish you health and life, where the inner you, the real you is at peace.

The next time I come at you with drivel about something that is essentially irrelevant in your space of awareness, I am, in essence wasting your timelessness. I am not engaging you, I am jacking your attention away from something more meaningful-your life. Family, co-workers and buds and the relentless marketers are all just waiting for the opportunity to pimp some new tumor on your timelessness. You have to decide who gets in the door to share the cookies with.

Simply knowing this is happening is a good start to better care and feeding of your timelessness. You can start building up your awareness of yourself anytime you want, like right after the last song on your playlist after you finish adding a friend to MeatSpace. Stop twittering for long enough to go timeless!

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