Thursday, June 19, 2008

Please Don't Bother Me

On my morning walk with the moon sinking into dawn, I was contemplating the journey thus far. Walking for me, is the perfect time to loosen the moorings from conventional day to day business and aim for something just outside my circle of averageness. It's fun trying to just be open and let the universe drop something in for a change.

This morning, I noticed a young man approaching from the other direction. He is probably in his early twenties, black shirt, jeans, ear buds in place along with a nervous energy and commitment to avoid any contact. As in the past I speak to him “Good Morning!”, and wave to him in case his audio is set to block unwanted earthlings. His response is to scurry along faster, eyes averted as if he were about to be accosted. He gives no response.

Couldn't help but think how avoiding interaction could be a mode that we adopt when external stimulus is just too much to take. I wondered if we ever get over that or is that a bed we have to lie in. People change for the better and for the worst. It's good to be on the path to where your journey is and recognize it is a journey.

Are you an avoider or an engager?

One Love

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