Monday, June 23, 2008

The Passing of George Carlin

This morning's news of the passing of George Carlin has left me pondering a few things about life courtesy of the comedic genius. Throughout all of my teen years and adult life, Carlin shadowed the mainstream with his own brand of critical insight and comedic philosophy.

Never one to follow, he forged his own path to his view of the world and made a lot of us the more wiser. Carlin, for me, promoted a healthy questioning of staid ideals and foreshadowed a more potent form of empowerment- humor. From his raunchy comedy forays in his HBO specials to his voicing of the children's cartoon Thomas the Tank Engine, Carlin never failed to deliver an astounding array of agility in working with and without the system. I hope to retain his ability to question and self-observe as well as remain creative in complexity as he had. He will be missed.

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