Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I encourage you all to visit Chris Guillebeau's excellent web site called The Art of Non-Conformity to get the free 29 page manifesto called "A Brief Guide to World Domination."

Here's a few things you'll learn in Chris's report:

*The Two Most Important Questions in the Universe
*Why Ruling and Changing the World are Interrelated
*The Clear Alternative to Being Unremarkably Average
*True Stories from Zen Habits, Kiva, Randy Pausch, and more
*Life Lessons from my Singapore Airlines flight to Tokyo

The report asks readers to consider two questions (the previously-mentioned "most important questions in the universe"). On the site, you can post your own answers to those questions and add your responses.

Chris is really breaking new ground and bringing subjects to light that we haven't found framed in this fashion. Challenge yourself and learn with "A Brief Guide to World Domination." I like to visit Chris's site to see how he and others are staying creative in complexity and offering real world solutions.

In response to Chris's questions, here are my submittals:

What do you really want to get out of life?
- Wisdom to see beneath the surface and understand the spiritual mechanics of life that drive everything else and how it all works together. I would then like to pass this on through what I do as an electronic musician and pilgrim.

What can you offer the world that no one else can?
- Some life experience of the Universe running through me as part of the whole connected force. Perhaps there are some aspects that others may find useful in their journey. A palm for those on their way from the pilgrimage and a pointer for those trying to get there.

What Can I really offer?
- To look inward and constantly be aware that I am connected to the whole of life. To learn from this and share, because what I find within myself is universal for all men.

What will you make of it?
- To be grateful for each present moment and from this abundance, give and share joy, wisdom, revolution and revelation. Give and share from experience as you have a sole insight into your experience. Never stop learning from babes and old souls with humility and humor.

Additionally, I wanted to add a bit of verse.

the universe
can use all things
to gather

Let me know your responses in the comments area!
One Love

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