Thursday, May 8, 2008

Post Epic Fail: Working Your Way Back


Having an epic fail means that something, somewhere along the line went badly. Perhaps you were in the midst of a big project, about to get a promotion, about to move up in the company, welcoming a new member to the family, about to start your own business when....out of nowhere - game over.

There is 100% probability that at some point, if you live long enough, you will fail. Failure in relation to this article does not mean the end of things, but rather a season to reflect what exactly failed and what you are going to do about it.

A cog, a script, a formula, a connection, a solder joint, a missed flight, a busted valve, a turn in the market, a wreck, news from your doctor, a biopsy, serious, hushed tones around your x-ray. Nothing you would expect because it happens to other people, never you. It can't because you're too busy, you're too young, you're important, you have commitments at work, with family, you're associate of the month, manager of the year, the 'big closer' in the company, the entrepreneur with a new venture to start. There's payments to make and rent and that vacation to prepare for. Halt. Sorry about your luck. I'm so sorry. That's too bad my friend. Man, that's tough. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

When your forward progress suddenly stops, when your life is condensed down to this living moment, when you can't even comprehend what you will do next, just remember to fight. The real question you will arrive at either real quick or after you drag yourself through hell over the situation is: Do I want to live or do I want to give up and die? That is really the deciding factor. Fight with everything you have, do it it for the people you love, care about and respect. Whatever was is in the past, what and who you are now is what you have. Start working your way back.

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