Saturday, May 10, 2008

Earth Combo Coming Right Up

What does the future hold? An earth combo of the very best and the very worst of life. As we stand right now there lies before us the possibility of choosing from the most pleasurable pursuits that our senses can manage and having the utmost destruction visited upon us. We balance our lives by surviving the later and pursuing the former. This balance is what makes us human and related to each other. This experience creates in us the possibility of finding love, of being a recluse, of deeper understanding, of selfishness and mistrust, of service to others or abusing others.

What does the present hold? An earth combo of happiness that shines out and a draining miasma of isolationism. Some of us have a choice in the mater, some of us do not. For every healthy waking moment in the present, there needs to be room to contemplate those who have no choice about their condition, their present. If one directs their energies to the task of fulfilling their obligation to be themselves, then the rest of the possibilities will take place. You will or will not be an artist, a friend, a provocateur, a caregiver, a victim, a tycoon, a helper, a felon, a bitter young misanthrope, a registered nurse, a lion tamer, a disgraced city councilwoman. You will or will not accept your life and responsibilities.

So here we are, equal parts sunlight and mud. A present to consider and a future to generate. As the waves of hours become days, the days months and the months our years and legacy, there is one starting point. This moment. An earth combo of the very best and the very worst of life.

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