Friday, May 23, 2008

6 Key Points On Personal Struggle

Anyone confronting a large enough life change is going to have to do some life arranging. Nothing will teach you more about your core than a life changing fight. In health, in business, in family matters in sport, struggles make the person, the battle, the war. Here are six key takeaways about what personal struggle can teach you.

6. We're All Mental. When it comes to struggle, we all have our mental capabilities to pass the test. Whether you choose a fight or a fight chooses you, you are only human. Your mental attitude toward the struggle will beat you into the dirt or you will emerge to fight another day. The mental aspect leaves you clear enough to gauge the situation and overcome it. Too much mental anguish defeats you, not enough mental mettle causes fear and defeat. Up to you.

5. Call For Backup. The love and support of family and friends never fails. Getting through a struggle means circling the wagons and bringing in supportive people that know you, understand you and believe in your success with no reservations. No shame in asking for help- it makes you stronger.

4. Creation. Staying creative in the complexity of struggle is a testament to #6 and #3. Your ability to remain adaptive and open to solutions, even if they seem far fetched, gives you a whole new set of tools to win. Sometimes, you just have to invent a solution and pave your own road.

3. Evolution. Being able to stretch past your former or present boundaries means changing who you are a little or a lot. A struggle presents you with a 50/50 chance of getting beat or working hard enough to win the struggle.
The little steps you take toward winning eventually pile up and you evolve into the mindset of a winner. The struggles themselves do not cease, your ability to rise above them does. Little steps=eventual success.

2. You Have to Walk That Road All By Yourself. At age 12, sitting with my Dad in our basement, talking about his career as a carpenter, he gave me this bit of wisdom. He tended to work about 70 hours a week in hard Norther Pennsylvania winters and summers. Physical labor, privation, long commutes to job sites and dealing with all sorts of characters made him one tough hombre. He turned to me and said he couldn't fight my battles for me. Not that he wouldn't or did not care to, but in life, it was up to me to face my struggles. Point taken and never forgotten.

1. Stay On Offense But Survive. In survival mode, you are not taking ground, you are in most likelihood, giving ground to survive. Do what the game plan calls for, survive by all means, but get in there and take some ground.

Share your thoughts and experiences with struggle- I would like to see some inspiration. Have a safe and fun holiday!


  1. thank you for the inspiration to fight! I do fight but never thought about some of the things you wrote about which is so true. Here's to the fight for our lives! Enjoy all life and appreciation is key!

  2. We have to have the capacity to rally and catch our breaths. Also good to do what you said and enjoy life, give thanks and appreciate it.

    One Love



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