Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer Refresh at Psiplex

Psiplex  Logo New for Summer

New for Summer! Psiplex has an updated new look for Summer. As Psiplex grows into a focus on staying creative in complexity, I wanted the logo to reflect this direction a bit better than the 'Alien Pal. Don't worry, Alien Pal is still a part of Psiplex. I intend to have the Alien Pal represent the electronic music offerings coming out in the next few months.

The new logo is based on having a more identifiable online presence as well as representing the Psiplex concept in a less abstract way. The two combined forms of the letter 'P' show balance but at an angle that suggest movement- kind of like moving through complexity to get to your goal.

AlienPal logo from Psiplex_Original
The Alien Pal mark was a real abstract thought that kind of just happened. I was playing around in Adobe Illustrator about 5 years a go when this thing just kind of formed itself. I kept it in a folder and always thought it might look good on a t-shirt or something. when I started the Psiplex blog back in February of this year, the Alien Pal seemed to work at the time as my whole cancer experience was alien and complex.

As Summer dawns and things grow and change, so too will the Psiplex experience. As my beat-up body slowly recovers from the nastiness of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy in my battle with cancer, I want to put more effort into the creative aspects of life. This means reaching out to folks who are going to be facing the same battle I faced. There is nothing more important to me now than to be of service to other cancer patients. My new phrase for this is:
Face it. Fight It. Survive it
”. So what's next? Learning more about being an advocate for those in need, creating original electronic music I can share with you and getting better physically, mentally and emotionally. Continue work on other offerings like the
(Tees, Caps and Gifts, oh my!) Would love to see your comments, suggestions/rants/other on the new logo.


  1. this is a great blog! thanks for visiting Fossforous, I've added you to my links

  2. Thanks Fossfor- your art blows me away!



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