Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Current Projects: Staying Creative!

While currently undergoing radiation therapy for my head and neck cancer, I want to put my Psiplex blog to explain that it is important to keep doing what you do despite battling cancer. In a talk with another patient's daughter at the radiology center, the young woman mentioned that her Father, undergoing radiation and chemotherapy was doing just that. A tree cutter, the patient was still at the job site as much as possible even thought this type of treatment beats you down like you can't believe. The important thing is to keep your hand in some aspect of your life other than your treatment and recovery. Hats off to the tree man for not giving in and fighting back!

For me, between bouts of radiation and chemotherapy, I try to put in some quality time to keeping up with what is current in graphic design, blogging and working on some new electronic music noodlings. While there are days when very little gets done or even materializes, just putting one step forward is enough to lift the spirits.

Current projects include connecting more with other bloggers and open social networking, sequencing some original music and preparing some samples of recent design projects to be posted here. As mentioned above, the radiation and chemo can take the wind out of your sails faster than a foreclosure in Atlanta. The contant fatigue and other nasties can wear on your forward momentum, but the key is just staying positive and do one little thing toward your goals.

Eventually, I want to get back to working full time helping other cancer patients and survivors with my love of graphic design and electronic music. I can't think of a better pursuit right now and that's what keeps me going! I wish for all readers of this blog that they can find the best way to stay on their creative path despite dealing with cancer. There are many brave and inspiring folks out there who are doing just that and stir my creative fires to take the next steps. It would be wonderful to hear from readers who want to send links or share their current projects here on Psiplex.

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