Thursday, May 1, 2008

Recent Work: Graphic Design Samples Slideshow

One of the important things you can do for yourself while trying to stay creative in the midst of complexity is keep forging ahead. Sure it feels like your feet are being sucked into the mud as you walk, but step by step, you eventually make progress. By working on your art and craft daily, you begin to build your fortitude and mind muscle. Hey, all the resistance makes you stronger! Personally, I am battling head and neck cancer which makes doing anything full time (except resting) impossible. Not to be deterred, I find that an hour or so each day focusing on being creative really gets me out of the cycle of thinking about how sick I am feeling. I also try to take time out to really appreciate and meditate on the goodness in my life including loved ones and the whole life miracle.

I wanted to post a brief slideshow of recent work. There are logo design samples, flyer and brochure samples. Mostly, I use Adobe Creative Suite for most projects with the awesome Adobe Fireworks for web graphics. Everyone has their own tools, these are the ones I am most comfortable with at this time. Also, on a daily basis, I check out some phenomenal artists on web sites like Design Float and DeviantArt which really is a great community.

It would be great to see what others are doing with their creativity! If you feel so inclined, send along links or photos of what you are up to so your work can be seen and you can get some link lovin'.

In the near future, I want to share some original electronic music and more graphic creative on Psiplex. All expression is good and helps to break the log jam of complexity introducing us up to open waters and a new sunrise.

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  1. i followed your link from the cancer compass s.o. also has head and neck cancer. he is almost one month post radiation chemo. he is a studio potter and musician (awesome guitar and bass player) i also make pots but i am the one with the so called "real job" (real estate). it has been a tough winter and we are having severe clay withdrawal! we cant wait to get back to the studio and play with mud. his blog is
    we have tried to keep art in our lives anyway we can throughout this helps us look to the future.
    be well...meesh



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