Friday, April 25, 2008

Reality check: You didn't do it by yourself sunshine

In a discussion I had this morning about natural talent, confidence and skills that folks bring to their work and personal lives, a great point came up. That of "I got where I am by my own merits". Life's series of choices that bring us to this moment tell me otherwise. While it is extremely important to have confidence in one's abilities, it is not cool to be so arrogant to think you did it all by yourself. As a creative professional, I rely heavily on the skills of my team to make the final deadline on budget and on time. It ain't just me.

I have run across numerous type A folks who are under the spell of their own hype. Face it, if there weren't certain key people placed in your path along the way, (parents, teachers, clergy, siblings, true friends) I guarantee you thing would be different. Reality check: You didn''t do it by yourself sunshine.

The other factor to consider is the grace you are living under, grace sufficient for your life. If you are under the delusion that you are in control and are making it happen by your lonesome, you are in for a shock. Facing any kind of illness, especially a life-threatening one can remove the very physical process that make you 'you'. You are who you are by a combination of genetics, adaptability, natural process and grace. Glad you know who you are and are confident in your journey, just don't think you are running the ship and you'll have plenty of time to reflect on grace and how it works in your life.

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