Friday, October 10, 2008

Look What I Did! Controlled Delusion

Balance of Yin and Yang

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....What is your current position on how well you are controlling or not controlling your life? Why is it important to you? These discerning questions are
meant to corner you so you can begin to see. See what? Who you really are behind the veil of your mind made illusion you wear, show off and are deeply in love with. You think you have some special skills or powers that others envy or desire. You imagine yourself to be a leader of some sort in your crew or walled-in world you have manifested. You think your are somehow real. You set all kinds of wicked records and high marks at school, at the office at your mosque at your synagogue at the course, in the game, at the strip club. Look What I Can Do! Young and old alike drunk on showing off their mettle, prowess or gifts and how they shine so, so brightly. Smoke.

Ready or not, here it comes, you can't hide. From the depths of the fire.

Who Am I? Answer that honestly without your mind as a tool to figure it out. Sit quietly, get still and ask this until you can't hear the chatter of your mind respond with its facade of concepts that veils your true self. Gonna find you and take it slowly. There is a very sobering yet beautiful explanation from
that illustrates a pivotal point of this encounter with the self, the inquiry of the self and what is found at last. Beautiful quote there that states: “May you never find what it is you think you are seeking, but rediscover instead the eternal presence of your own absence.”

Ready or not, here it comes, you can't hide. Gonna find you and make you want me.

As we looked at last time, t
he mind as a tool is very good at trying to control as many factors about our life as possible. It is useful, practical and healthy. Factors such as weather conditions, behaviors of others and natural disasters cannot be directly controlled by the mind. What the mind's idea of control means to each individual is different, but the same across all beings and cultures. The “Who Am I” inquiry helps peel back the layer of who you are, who you think others think you are. Find out the one who sees.

From the depths of the fire. Gonna find you and take it slowly. Then one can see the lotus land without leaving a ripple on the surface.

This zenrin poetry is on it:

For long years a bird in a cage,Today, flying along with the clouds.

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