Sunday, August 17, 2008

Walls, Flaws and Treasures


On a morning walk, I passed a tree with a beautiful brown texture as the bark had peeled off. Behind the tree was a pale green wall. The contrast was striking as the early morning light illuminated the area. With only my crappy cell phone camera – really low resolution, I took the snap and kept walking. When I sent the image to the computer, I was surprised to see how the image had turned out. The image had an almost painterly effect from the lighting and low imaging. This, in turn, instantly inspired me to put this short clip together. I was already meditating on life purpose and finding it in what we do when the photo changed everything. Composed in Apple Keynote, then ported to GarageBand and saved out as a Quicktime file, it was uploaded to Vimeo and embedded here to share. The whole spontaneity of the event was so quick, but it all came together nicely.
Click to view the clip.

Short clip on life purpose and the purpose you find in life. Walls, Flaws and Treasures are essentially obstacles that teach us about what is really important. The treasures we have are connected to the family, friends and loved ones we have and not to what we own or our titles.

Would appreciate your comments and take on 'Walls, Flaws and Treasures'.

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  1. oooooo, I enjoyed your words, thoughts and danced in my chair the whole way through!! Little snippets to make you think, hmmm!! Loved the way you made it all come together Psiplex. Thanks for sharing your creativity! :o)

    p.s. more please!



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