Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Connecting Perspective

Needing a ride to pick up a prescription, I called my brother from another mother, Miron, to give me a lift. Although we were born about 8,000 miles apart, Miron has my back all the time. While expertly weaving in dense Atlanta traffic at rush hour, and with a concerned look on his face, Miron turned to me and said “Dude, no offense, but people who have had a near-death experience seem to have a different way of looking at life. You don't care about certain things anymore, right?” he asked. Wishing to oblige him with a reply worthy of his question, I replied “ Well, I am glad to be alive, that's for sure. Everyday is like a bonus and I always find ways to be grateful, the clouds are miracles, even the asphalt is a miracle. I really don't have any need for a title or ownership of one and what I once thought valuable and impressive doesn't mean anything to me anymore. What's important is the treasure we have in friends and loved ones. People who like you the same whether you are up or down, or if you dress badly- it doesn't matter, they like you regardless.”

Not sure if Miron understood my comment about the asphalt being a miracle, but the conversation lead me to think about why life is different after a close call. Truly, there are things that just don't matter anymore. If it isn't based in love or sincerity from the heart, it is superficial and meant to please the ego. Family, friends and loved ones have a direct channel to each other and operate on the same frequency. We treat one another as we like to be treated and don't have anything to prove or one up each other. We connect on a level that is at ease and free of conflict and resistance. There is always a space for them within ourselves, we are always present for them and enjoy listening to them as much as talking with them. We accept each other for who we are unconditionally. We treat each other the same year after year and genuinely care about the other as we care about ourselves. This is our treasure on earth. Gotta say thanks to my buddy for giving me this connecting perspective. If you have an opinion about friends and our true treasure, please share it in the comment section.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Psiplex!
    Dam it was hot today, never quite knew if it was the weather or my never ending hot flashes! oh my!

    Interesting post, made me think. To be honest I have befriended few in my life. Probably count true friends on one hand. With family it's different, you don't get mad if they call 5 times a day or are constantly reminding you about things that you would rather not think about. You take it all cause they are like the cuts on a diamond ring, no matter how you turn it,it keeps on shining brightly. I like how you say: "true treasures" yep that's family. Sending smiles and strength to you. :o)



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