Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All Things New

The grueling, long. shadowy road of the main cancer treatments are over. The first day of the rest of my days begins this day. Slept quite badly with the lingering mucositis/phlegm nastiness from the radiation therapy and dry gulch sandpaper throat. Lovely, I must admit. That bit of discomfort melts in favor of todays sunrise. This is the first day of real recovery. No chemo infusion, no radiation, no surgeries to attend horizontally and comatose, no trips to hospital admissions and the army of coughing people. No blood pressure cuffs, no tongue dispensers, no probing, IV's, nausea medication, no checking the calendar for which doctor appointment at which office.

Instead, in the cool May Atlanta morning, I ventured outside with my skinny legs to walk and breathe the fine air of freedom from treatment and celebrate recovery. A stroll in the early morning sunrise with the sounds of Atlanta commuting for their daily bread. The birds sung me home to enjoy some private time with you. I blended up a fine breakfast shake of vanilla ice cream, vanilla instant breakfast, fresh, cold milk, with a cup of mixed fruit. Freedom is indeed sweet.

I am thankful for all of those good people who directed my path to this day. There's a lot of thanksgiving ahead.

One Love


  1. you're a really good writer. Sounds like you are enjoying your road to recover. Your poetic verse is very inspiring. I think blogging can be a good way to vent out your frustrations. I wish you all the best during these trying times.

  2. Hey Allen,

    I just wanted to say that even though you are the one who is or was undergoing treatment (by the way congratulations on the completion of the treatments!) your journey has truly inspired me to face my fears. From the moment that Dionne shared your blog with me, I was captivated and wanted to hear more of your journey/thoughts, because the more I read the more motivated I became; the more I realized I am without excuse; the more I realize the importance of LIFE!
    I am enduring a journey myself and decided to go back to school to become a licensed esthetician. Like you I will fight the good fight. Like you I will focus on the creative side of me and let that light shine all the more.
    I hope to meet you someday and shake the hands of the man who faced a battle of his life and succeeded.


  3. Judith,

    That's the way to do it. You have to be your own advocate and champion. Also good to have a 'Home Team' that has your back no matter what. Without Dionne, I would be a complete mess :-)

    Going back to school will empower you to strive for the things that are important to you. As you put work in day by day, you will see progress in daily steps. Soon enough, a month will go by, then 3, then 6 and you can start to see the fruits of your endeavor.

    All the best Judith!



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