Sunday, December 28, 2008

W00t Joy Favorite Synths and Gear


In the mode of pure fun and silliness, this PDF presentation salutes creativity, fun and great times playing
live and in studio over the years. This personal collection of vintage synth gear is a small chunk of what great exceeding joy and many W
t moments.
This post features some of the synthesizer, beat box and other gear that have a blazing hot personal W00t factor. Over the course of producing music and massive amounts of alpha waves, good vibes and joy, this collection has been the most fun. Wanted to share this as a PDF or as the embedded display below. There's also a couple of other favorite things in there that are highly W00terrific.

Although the music gear brings about joy, all true joy comes from within as one follows what is in their true nature. Rather than finding joy and happiness outside of you, it happens when you are doing what is effortless and enjoyable. Additionally, there wouldn't have been any great music moments to use this gear with without the incredible group of musicians I had the honor of jamming with over the years. They truly are stars and enlightened beings. Have a look and send along some things that make you go W00t!

You can
where you can flip through it like a book, download it, share or print it



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