Monday, November 3, 2008

Recognizing Your Self


Put together a new short video clip around the subject of '
Recognizing Your Self
'. The 'Self' being the true nature of who you are without identification of the role you play in everyday life. 'Recognizing Your Self' is a collection of quotes from the masters that point to realizing the true self – Who you were before you adopted the 'me' you think you are.
a lot of this ground has been covered in the previous post called '
' which you can check out by scrolling down or clicking the link.

This clip appears on the Psiplex Vimeo channel called '
' as well as the
The most important factor to consider is taking a look at what dissatisfaction there is in the current state of life and following the self inquiry “Who Am I?” to discover what it is you really, really want from life and the path to your purpose in life. It is my wish that the quotes shown in the video will inspire and point to what you may be looking for – your true self behind the veil of illusion.

The links in the video from quotes of self-realized masters are as follows:

Please leave your views on searching for what it is you are not, and what you discover.

One Love


  1. These quotes are powerful for they are awakening, I'm glad I saw this post. :)

  2. Some great quotes in there. Thanks, Psiplex. :)

  3. nice to see these in an accessible video format. People can continue to find truth even as they move to video and away from books. Then of course all is left is to drop them all and experience.



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