Friday, October 17, 2008

Infinity Deep


Owning your life experience brings one to the fulfillment of our human longing to be whole. What is it you really, really want? Basic to our humanity is love, freedom and to be a part of the inclusive whole, the connection to all life. Wholeness being totality- mind body soul in complete harmony and alignment. No conflict with anyone or anything. Oneness. Needing these qualities causes invites a great deal of problems that relate to our perceived separateness from them. The 'human' portion of our human being is the most afraid because the oneness wrests control away from the human's ego, or mind made self. We are the totality but have a false sense of a limited self identified as 'me'. We are taking the belief, an idea of 'me' as the totality which causes suffering and confusion. The 'me' we take to be ourselves is but a fraction of the whole and yet convinces us we are whole if only we do more, achieve more, invent a better personal self. This identity with this image of 'me' leads to separation from the whole and is perceived as 'me' and 'others'. Protecting this 'me' and its accompanying ego becomes the main focus of some lives. It is not freedom and it is not the way to success achieving freedom.

Being an achiever and a success is a conditioned role we adopt which results in taking us away from our true nature. Ever notice that doing something you love requires no effort? Playing a role at home, at school at the office that is really not you is full of effort. By accepting a role that is not truly who you are in reality, you suffer and lose alignment with the natural harmony you have just being you. Refusing to acknowledge the power you have in the present moment, the truth of the moment-Now. Basing the false sense of accomplishment in a past or future event is again, suffering.

Canadian spiritual teacher Burt Harding has a great series on YouTube that explains a lot of what this article points to. Burt Harding has over 300 video clips available for viewing at the
Simple, humble, clear and concise, Burt Harding speaking on love and our true nature is worth a look. No saint / guru/leader issues or even an ego at all, just an informal, gentle wisdom in lessons. Easy to get right to the lessons without any crap. There are also free PDF teachings at
to download for free.

has been an open door to explore the question at the beginning of this article “ What do you really, really want?” Honestly, to know who 'I' really am, to know the truth about life, its purpose and what I owe to life. So what is it one can do to find out about the true self? Just be. Ask yourself in a quiet moment 'Who Am I?” investigate and feel it through, surprise yourself. in a still quiet moment, honestly ask yourself this simple question. Just be. Listen and be.

One Love

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  1. Great post Psiplex. I'm in Arizona as write this and I have to say I love the desert silence. This is a great place to just sit and be. I have never experienced silence like this. Yes, I sit and meditate in silence, but there is always a soft buzz no matter how secluded I try to be in my house. That comes with living in a big city. But the desert provides complete silence. It's overwhelming as well as empowering as well. The Source is found in silence and I am grateful for the opportunity to explore its greatness in silence. Thanks again for sharing this post. Feel good. Blessings!



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