Saturday, August 30, 2008

It Was Morning in the Universe


Grateful to get up and see everything working. Just as it is, perfect in this moment. The sense of gratefulness spreads to well being and allows the creative spark to flow into our consciousness and begin to manifest itself. No agenda, no work order, no specific circumstance, no effort.

Effortless creating is a state of being that can only exist when there is no conflict or questioning. The being aligns with possibilities and the self, when ego gets out of the way. This doesn't mean passion or intensity is diminished or restrained. In fact, one can be more passionate, focused and intense when the mind is not running movies about what should be and shouldn't be. The right color combinations, the right language construct, the right paradiddle or pirouette doesn't exist. The palette isn't limited, the source-unlimited. The journey of staying creative and
is up to you.

Right, wrong, deserving or not, the creative spark aligns with those who align themselves with it. Finding 'it' is the journey and sometimes the meaning. It can't be forced, ordered or willed by any construct of the mind. Although the mind is engaged,it is the limitless and timeless portion of the being operating in alignment with the creative. The mind merely translates the mechanics to the body.

Is this correct? Can you will yourself to be creative or is there a component of inspiration and the divine that must be congruent for creativity to express itself?

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