Monday, August 25, 2008

Good Morning Cells!


Rising from a night's sleep, the body automatically kicks off the process of changing gears to meet the day. Once you are vertical,the rest just kind of happens. Body auto pilot is a good thing. Just want to say thanks to all the cells who supported me - good job. Hunt down some coffee or your favorite morning beverage and you're good.

Having an “attitude of gratitude” will focus the mind off of problems and into a more positive space for creativity and connectivity. Positive energy from within you creates a space for others to move freely without conflict. Try it out on your most grumpiest co-worker or family member. They may be their usual gruff selves, but they won't be in contention with you when you are in the present moment with a positive vibe. Your 'tude is your responsibility. Just being grateful for a few things each day (your breathing, your blood flowing, your awareness) is a good start. Just by providing a space for others to interact with you, without conflict is a gift you can give each day.

A big shout out to all my cells out there, mitosis baby!

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  1. Hey, this is cool. Your cells do have a consciousness, as does every part of you on a physical level. Great reminder to acknowledge that from time to time with a little gratitude (chocolate also works).



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