Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who You Think People Think You Are

It is surprising to realize how much our thoughts toward people, events and ourselves create our reality. It is also surprising to think that we can have such monumental change in our lives by realizing how we think about ourselves which returns to us experientially in everyday life. The constant state of impermanence and change makes endeavors a moving target. Acceptance of this concept makes it easier to understand why things are or are not.

Recognition of impermanence and all of what we know of life passing into different states then passing makes some people artists and some madmen. Against this backdrop we formulate a mental image of ideals and perceptions that become us, others and the world. We think ourselves into being by internalizing the world around us. This is done by pulling in influences that build our self amidst a biological and chemical foundation that injects traits and behaviors from ancestors we may not know. Chance and probability combine with the verities of physics to produce the artist's or the madman's reality and behavior. Then, it just is. Deductive, fact-based scientific fact and a nodding heroin delusion exist proportionally in real time and carry the weight of reality to each experiencer. How we conduct our thoughts determines our reality and becomes the behavior we project into the world. This is the self that has your birth certificate and face along with your conceptualized personality.

What are you making up about yourself? How does this view of yourself reflect in others? How you think people think you are is a part of your self identity as much as you thinking how you will 'be'. Wether a perspective is quantitative or spiritually intuitive, it all outputs as a type of image that is our self for ourself and others. The personal importance of these factors is manifested and displayed in our interactions with the world and on the big screen of our minds. Off the big screen, are you really the person playing the roles on its endless loop of thoughts and emotions? Is there more than the definition you and others have given that face in the mirror you call 'me'? We unfold or are folded up by the blocks we can't seem to get past. We soar when we glide past blocks to the peaks of our ability.

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