Monday, July 21, 2008

Updates in the Psiplex Blogosphere

There is a new mobile version of Psiplex for handhelds which is handy if you are on the go and want to catch up with the latest Psiplex posts. You can get a mobile account for your own blog at MoFuse for free. MoFuse is offering their former paid version for free! It took me about 8 minutes to setup (mileage may vary) and is a neat way to experiment with getting your blog to mobile devices. The 8th comment to this post will receive a free design GIF header 200 pixels wide x 30 pixels tall for their free Mofuse mobile account. The header is a lightweight 4-6 kb which goes on your mobile web page. This may help folks who want a nice eye-catching, easy to read header. I'll just need the title you want and font style you want along with your preferred colors. As you can see from mine, there isn't a lot of space for a busy logo or pics, but a good, solid, readable font will do wonders on a complimentary, high contrast background. The GIF will be e-mailed to you so please provide a working email address that is not full or has a voracious spam filter. I don't send out e-mails or newsletters, so you don't have to worry about getting spam jammed — not interested in sharing your email with anyone, just want to show some love.

On the fun and creative side, Ars Technica has an article about the new Apple iPhone 3G app that is a virtual band from Moo Cow Music. Better than playing a mindless game while you're waiting at the airport or on the metro, composing music is fun and you can show off your new jams to your friends. Who knows, you could become an iTunes star!

Discovered NPR has a music section worth checking out called Music Interviews and Profiles which has some lesser known but excellent interviews with artists other than mainstream and top 10. Their World Cafe is also worthy of attention. Lots of good unexpected morsels to explore.

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