Friday, July 11, 2008

Pain Management

The main focus this week has been on pain management and will continue to be so for the next several weeks. Visited the ENT specialist for my one week checkup. Still pretty ugly in there but I am where I should be for this stage of healing. I heard a couple of cause of concerns on the path report but it is too early to tell the difference between what might be and what is based on the swelling and prior neck surgery. I will have to go in for regular checkups to keep an a close watch on any developments of tongue cancer re-growth which is 10 kinds of nasty.

The pain medication I am using a combination of a pain killer and Tylenol to reduce inflammation and swelling. I take this through my PEG tube about every 4 hours and it is definitely helping. I just don't want to depend on it for too long. The last thing I want is a drug addiction. Managing the pain means getting better nutrition which will promote healing. Also planning on resuming a gentle bit of walking early in the mornings to improve circulation and prevent muscle loss. The morning walks are a good time to meditate on life and its purpose. Time to get back in the saddle!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Psiplex, early morning walks are so special, everything wakes up slowly. What visuals / sensations do you enjoy on your walks most?

    Sending you strength through spirit!
    :o) CarolC

  2. Hey CarolC!

    I seem to be in 'space' mode lately, really enjoying the correlation of the open space of the sky (especially beautiful in early morning) and the space within. While this sounds a bit like a bad new age concept, it really helps with understanding and finding purpose and gratitude.

    The symbol of the vastness of the sky overhead and our makeup, our being,reminds me that I need to create space around all the complexities in life and flow with them. I found out that struggling against bad news, things breaking down, things passing, things in constant flux does not help the present moment. Having your blood pressure screaming and getting sick from stress over events you have no power over is of no use. Creating some space and sanity around events and accepting them in a no-rigid state allows better clarity and less insanity.

    I also enjoy looking up and around during the walk and just expressing gratefulness. A simple concept to be sure, but it helps in finding better footing on your path. If you are grateful and appreciative of what you have, it serves to balance your relationship to the rest of your life and cuts down on craving things that lead to disappointment.

    Sorry for the long, drawn out response, but the walks are really a wonderful personal time to enjoy life and the good people in your life. I appreciate your question and for your time in reading the blog. All the best!

  3. Hi Psiplex, just popping in to say hello! :o) yes, oh yes, creating your own space, I agree and understand the need for that = "energy space".
    Funny this week and last I opted out of my usual and spent 2 hours between doc appts. just reading a fab book at the library about the "Automatists" from Quebec and pulled this bit from an 1960 interview done with artist John Lyman - he commented that he did not look for a subject, you know, he continued ideas come when you're not looking. I let the subject find me. Its pretty simple, the root of the impulse is in one's subconscious and there is something intuitive about that". cool eh!!
    Also just this morning I grabbed a coffee and went to sit in a little eco garden right in the middle of town, blocked out the cars, buses etc and just heard the buzz of the bees, felt good! You are very kind, and I hope you enjoy your next early morning walk even more!! Bye for now, Carol

  4. Carol,

    Those intimate journeys like the one you had at the eco garden are wondrous because there is no preconceived anything-just vibe from the ether. I really liked that you shared the John Lyman idea of not looking- that is really powerful. Working on a new electronic track now that is emerging just like that! The validity of intuition is one of the most powerful currents in creativity and we can have all we want (unlike chocolate cake)!

    Catch up with you later Carol!



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