Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Great Example

She was always consistently kind in a non-patronizing, heartfelt way. To a group of scraggly young musicians calling each week for her son, she was the message giver, the one who coordinated the communication for our gatherings and jam sessions. She never judged us on our less than wholesome appearances and sometimes radical outlooks. She knew that someday, the men would emerge from these youthful passions and become the persons most needed by the universe.

The consistency of her kindness and good nature was all the more profound do to the backdrop of her continual overcoming of a chronic illness. The sunshine came through and there was never a mention of this daily battle in any conversation I can recall. Her focus was on life, her family and her purpose. As a retired professional, she always carried that ordered, clean aesthetic into her life and bearing and showed this ratty looking keyboard player an example of maturity, nobility and caring without any lectures or ego. She just was this great example and I immediately respected that about her. She endured so much physical discomfort, but none of it shone in her talks with us. If I didn't find out from her son, my friend, I would never have known as her love for life and cheerfulness outshone any of the underlying issues. She prayed for me when I was hit with head and neck cancer. The amazing thing is, she didn't have to do any of this, but she did.

With her passing Monday, I celebrate her life and what she stood for. My love and prayers are with the family and I will always carry her wonderful presence and memory with me. It is people like this that makes life show what true living, love and motherhood is all about.

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