Thursday, June 12, 2008

Paying for Cancer Care: Caring 4 Cancer and News

It's been a wonderful week in getting the Graphic Flux Design Challenge in motion. Today, however, I wanted to get back to some important cancer information and links to share with everyone.

Paying for cancer care can be financially devastating. Along with the diagnosis, this one-two punch can severely restrict individuals and families and clobber them right when they need the most support.

There is a wonderfully helpful web site called Caring 4 Cancer that is a good starting point to learn about the physical, emotional and financial aspects of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Being able to learn how to go about your cancer care is laid out in easy to digest sections with more detail added as you go further into each section. For example, in my case, I look up 'Head and Neck Cancer' and find a general description of the cancer and I can click to learn more in depth information. Nice and simple.

As for the Financial Support section, there is a concise layout for understanding the steps necessary to confront the cost of dealing with cancer. The sections are:
• Navigating the Payment Maze
• The Basics of Insurance
• Understanding Managed Care
• Understanding Medicaid
• Understanding Medicare
• Help with Medical Costs
• 2 eNewsletter subscriptions

Most families impacted by a love ones' cancer diagnosis will have to deal with the financial and insurance-relate aspects of the treatment. Pleas let me know if I can add other links and information by commenting.

Cancer News

One of the web sites I have come to use on a daily basis is Cancer Compass. Just noticed their Cancer News had an interesting article on HPV and its link to cancer. My ENT (ear nose and throat specialist) as well as my Radiology Oncologist strongly suggested HPV as a major cause in newer diagnosis of the type of cancer I am battling. My ENT said that acid reflux, in all likelihood, was the cause of my tumor on the base of my tongue. I was shocked as I never really felt like I had heartburn or anything, but following his suggestions and looking further into it, I agree with his prognosis. As a result I am taking Prevacid Solutabs to manage the acid in my stomach. The HPV findings are a real eye opener in the cancer community and my Radiology Oncologist shared that with me on my last visit. They are extremely interested in pursuing all related research to confirm HPV as a major cause on developing cancer. You can read more about the latest news at Cancer Compass and the article “Researchers Blame Hpv For Rise In Throat Cancer” HPV and cancer.

While the ongoing Graphics Flux Design Challenge is a creative blast, I want to continue offering other cancer-related information to you as well as creative and artistic offerings. Have a fun weekend! One Love.

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